The best analogue cameras for travellers


The best analogue cameras for travellers

Film is fab again. Grab one of these retro-style cameras for your next trip.

Laura Bolt

BY Laura Bolt8 October 2016

Give your iPhone a rest – film is back in a big way. With a range of analogue choices for every skill level, there’s never been a better time to indulge your inner Avedon. Cameras as chic as they are compact are all over the market, making them the perfect addition to your next trip. Read on for our guide to the best cameras for every savvy traveler – you’ll be a film star in no time.

For the serious shutterbug…
Leica M7


Think of Leica as the Mercedes Benz of analogue cameras: style, substance and a matching price tag. The M7 is worth the splurge though – with sturdy German construction and time-tested reliability, it’s the perfect tool for capturing the trip of a lifetime. Ergonomic controls, optional automatic speed settings (so your film is never overexposed) and naturalistic flash settings cater to an experienced photographer who is ready for a camera to commit to.

Pro tip: Those who want to dress up their camera might want to opt for Leica’s M a la Carte service, which offers a range of premium leather finishes, engravings and other bespoke options to personalize your device.

For the film beginner…
Lomography Diana Mini


If you’ve never used a film camera before, Lomo is the perfect place to start. With a range of cameras and accessories for all skill sets, Lomo is your one-stop shop for becoming familiar with the medium. If you’re just starting out, we love the Diana Mini. It’s a compact charmer that shoots 35mm film for dreamy, lo-fi photos, and with a range of designs and add-ons, it’s as unique as you are.

Pro tip: Diana shoots in both square format or half-frame, so you can shoot up to 72 pics per roll.

For the vintage fan…
Impossible Project Polaroid SX-70


Beloved by artists and design aficionados for years (Andy Warhol and Ansel Adams were fans), the SX-70 is a classic. The instant camera enthusiasts behind the Impossible Project bought the last remaining Polaroid factory and went on a mission to refurbish and re-release Polaroid cameras for a new generation. The SX-70 has a glass lens and automatic exposure, and is perfect for instant film fans who want to get more advanced with the medium.  

Pro tip: Bundle your camera with the Impossible Project’s complementary line of film, so you’ll get an artful shot whether you choose to shoot in color or black and white.

For the sophisticate…
Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic


All the fun of an instant camera with an old-school classic look, Fujifilm’s recent line of retro styled Neo Classic’s are easy to use and satisfying to display. Designed with updates like macro mode and high performance flash, the Neo Classic will satisfy photographers of all levels.

Pro tip: Choose between several different modes that best suit your environment. ‘Party mode’ illuminates your subjects and the background equally, ‘kids mode’ helps when your subjects are moving faster than you are, and ‘landscape mode’ helps capture long-distance shots.