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Wild about the planet

Wild about the planet

For World Environment Day 2024 we celebrate the hotels making our planet greener – and one of our charity partners leading the way…

Venice Biennale 2024: what to see and where to stay

Venice Biennale 2024: what to see

The 60th edition of the Venice Biennale addresses themes from colonialism to climate change. Here are the shows – and stays – worth making the trip for…

Scoping out South Tyrol’s art scene in Bolzano

Scoping out South Tyrol's art scene

There’s more to South Tyrol than Dolomites and dumplings. Stephanie Gavan visits Bolzano where a new generation of creatives are setting the scene for things to come…

Revival stories: forward-thinking farming in Fiji

Revival stories: forward-thinking Fiji

In a series highlighting hotels making a dynamic difference to their environment and community, Hannah Dace looks at Fijian hideaways championing conservation in unique style