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Raising spirits with the makers of Pentire Drinks

Meet the makers: Pentire Drinks

The non-alcoholic spirits inspired by the Cornish coast have become a staple in some of our favourite hotel bars. We shared a glass with founder Alistair Frost

A drink with the makers of Simpsons wine

Meet the makers: Simpsons Wine

To mark English Wine Week we joined Ruth and Charles Simpson at their Kent vineyard to sample bottles beloved by the nearby Pig at Bridge Place

The lure of the Menorcan lobster

The lure of the Menorcan lobster

The Balearic island's signature seafood stew has long tempted travellers. Too bad Madevi Dailly got there before the lobsters did this season

Sea change: sampling the Languedoc’s smartest oyster farm

Oyster innovation in the Languedoc

It doesn’t get much more Gallic than gallivanting between verdant vineyards and innovative oyster farms from Château St Pierre de Serjac

Paris: long live the long lunch

Paris: le long lunch is back

A new generation of bistros, bouillons and brasseries are having a moment. Food writer and former resident, Madévi Dailly, investigates

A toast to the women of champagne

Meet the women of Champagne

In France's most revered vineyards the number of female growers is, well, growing. Royal Champagne Hotel is introducing guests to some of its favourites