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Paris: long live the long lunch

Paris: le long lunch is back

A new generation of bistros, bouillons and brasseries are having a moment. Food writer and former resident, Madévi Dailly, investigates

Pigging out in Paris: a tour of South Pigalle

Pigging out in South Pigalle

Where to eat, drink, sleep and splurge in former red-light district turned fashionable 'hood SoPi – one of Paris's hottest hangouts

A toast to the women of champagne

Meet the women of Champagne

In France's most revered vineyards the number of female growers is, well, growing. Royal Champagne Hotel is introducing guests to some of its favourites

County vines: mapping the perfect English wine escape

The perfect English wine escapes

To celebrate the start of English Wine Week we take a tasting tour of some of our finest vineyards – and the best places to rest your head afterwards…