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What our members say

Feedback is of the utmost importance to Mr & Mrs Smith, and we love to hear from our members. Here’s a small selection of comments from the last couple of months…

'When I book through Mr and Mrs Smith I feel confident that my hotel will be as represented. I feel knowledgeable about my choice and relaxed about my booking - the best way to start a get-away!'
Kim – BlackSmith member, July 2018

'Staff are super friendly and helpful. Great discount on my recent booking to Berlin too.'
Mallia – BlackSmith member, July 2018

'Willingness to go above and beyond. Most people in the luxury travel market, at least from what I've heard, are sick of the typical travel agent where choosing your seat on the aircraft is a big ask. I don't mind paying for a service if those I'm working with are knowledgeable, and have the ability to curate a memorable, first-class experience.'
Derek – GoldSmith member, June 2018

'Overall, the process for planning and booking our vacation was seamless. Everyone we spoke with was knowledgeable and professional.'
Patrick – GoldSmith member, June 2018

'Was very easy to navigate the website, however I am still a bit old school and felt more comfortable calling to make the reservation. I am glad I did, the young man I spoke to was great!'  
Sara – GoldSmith member, June 2018

'Have booked a few times through Mr & Mrs Smith and have always been delighted with the service! A reminder e-mail is sent a couple of days prior to trip and then again at the end offering help and assistance. Always have little treats included such as a glass of champagne and chocolates!'
Niamh – BlackSmith member, May 2018

'Just bloody brilliant - the whole experience!'
Holly – BlackSmith member, May 2018

'We contacted three agencies to find a great place. Smith was the far better at catering to our individual needs.'
Sarah – BlackSmith member, May 2018

'I do not like big hotels so I always look at your website for small hotels. I have been to a lot of them so I know that what you recommend is good!! If a hotel is not on your website I hesitate going!'
Natalie – BlackSmith member, May 2018

'I don't have the biggest budget but still felt I was treated with attention and care.'
Sophie – BlackSmith member, April 2018

'In the world today where customer service is moving more and more digital and impersonal, Mr & Mrs Smith stand out with their personal customer service team who at always available, and always super helpful!'
Valeria – BlackSmith member, April 2018

'We love the hotels recommended by Mr & Mrs Smith – it is a real indicator of quality as far as we are concerned.'
Kate – BlackSmith member, April 2018

'The service and speed of return emails were great, plus we saved some money on the hotels booking through you, and you give the added Smith extras!'
Laura – SilverSmith member, April 2018

'The consultant we booked through went above and beyond to help providing us with a great itinerary for our honeymoon.'
Kate – BlackSmith member, April 2018

'We have always had wonderful service from you and the team and we have enjoyed some amazing holidays. It is a pleasure to be a GoldSmith!'
Ross – GoldSmith member, March 2018

'I just want to thank you for your very quick and efficient response to my request. This is exactly why we always choose Mr & Mrs Smith. My husband and I are really looking forward to our stay.'
Shirley – BlackSmith member, March 2018

'My wife and I typically used another concierge service for our travel. This time, however, we were looking forward to staying at a hotel not covered in their directory, and so we reach out to your team for help in booking. Called your helpline, and have to tell you, wow. The punctuality and professionalism… yet fun and warm personality was unlike anything I had dealt with before. It was a great reconnection to your team, and I look forward to many more dealings. Thank you so much for all your effort and the lengths you have gone to. I really appreciate it. I am so impressed with your high level of customer service.'
Ludovic – GoldSmith member, March 2018

'We love booking with you and through Mr & Mrs Smith its simple, easy, and we have never had any problems. You are fast and efficient and no matter what day or time of the week it is we can pretty much guarantee you will respond to me and we will have a quote within a few hours!'
Holly – GoldSmith member, January 2018

'Many thanks – if I get better service anywhere in 2018 I will be surprised. Great effort and thanks again.'
James – GoldSmith member, January 2018

'Can I just say how impressed I've been with the response to "our little crisis" by you, and by the hotel manager.'
Gary – GoldSmith member, December 2017

'Thank you so much for all your efforts. You can be sure that Mr & Mrs Smith with you as a top member of staff will be my first choice for my next trip.'
Petra – GoldSmith member, December 2017

'You have all been AMAZING and we thank you fully from our heart! I personally will be telling the world how wonderful your customer service is. Thank you so very much for your understanding  and consideration.You have made a big difference and as a business owner myself you have my utmost respect. I do hope you’ve been told today how amazing you are and if not may I be the first to tell you that you are.'
Jo-ann – GoldSmith member, December 2017

'I would just like to say thank you for such an amazing stay this past weekend. The hotel was fantastic, exactly what I'd hoped for (but didn't expect). I've been to Paris nearly 20 times in three years for business and I always stay at the same hotel. Not any more… I will be booking all of my trips through you guys from now on.
James – GoldSmith member, December 2017

'I just made a booking over the phone, and I wanted to let the powers that be know how fantastic it was. It was the most efficient, friendly and helpful customer service I've experienced in a very long time.'
Silvana – GoldSmith member, December 2017

'As I said to you a day or two ago we really appreciate what you do for us. It is personal service to a very high level. We have been to, and I hope will continue to go to,
some great hotels in lovely locations with complete confidence. Once again we wish you all the very best for the festive season and for 2018.

Tim & Gill – GoldSmith members, December 2017

'Perfect every time – the criteria Smith uses to select hotels is exactly what I'm looking for.'
Gemma – BlackSmith member, September 2017

'The whole experience with Mr & Mrs Smith was seamless. Every person we dealt with was professional, customer focused and genuinely interested in our experience. Highly recommended – I will be using them again.'
Zoe – GoldSmith member, September 2017

'Everything about the booking was superb. A great choice of hotels, easy booking and a world-class venue. A perfect stay!'
David – BlackSmith member, September 2017

'Incredible locations and top-notch customer service – truly above and beyond.'
Crystal – BlackSmith member, September 2017