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Feedback is of the utmost importance to Mr & Mrs Smith, and we love to hear from our members. That's why we enlisted independent review specialists Reevoo to help us understand exactly how you feel, and your opinions have been both helpful and humbling. Here’s a small selection of comments from the last couple of months…

‘We wouldn't have found this hotel independently, and the Smith Extra was a really lovely touch. Will definitely use this site for booking again.’
Kerry (BlackSmith), Christchurch – February 2020

‘I love Mr & Mrs Smith. We’ve always found it’s a really good benchmark for a quality hotel or B&B. Always nice to get a Smith Extra and generally the price is the same as on other sites but with better customer service e.g. you can contact them by phone, follow-up emails, and so on.’
Ruth (SilverSmith), London – February 2020

‘Great choice of places and I like the design- and vibe-led selection. I look forward to exploring some more in upcoming travels.’
David (GoldSmith), Canberra – February 2020

‘Helpful customer service, the best curated hotel options, great free extras and easy booking process.’
Jennie (SilverSmith), Syracuse – February 2020

‘I know that all the hotels listed are of a high quality, which makes choosing a place to stay much easier.’
Joanne (BlackSmith), Sydney – February, 2020

‘Your site is easy to use, your Smith24 employees are always helpful and kind on the phone and it's lovely to receive the free Smith Extra on arrival. It’s also reassuring to know that if a hotel has been approved by you it will have the sort of things we look for. We definitely trust your taste and that takes a lot of the hassle out of choosing where to stay.’
Lucy (GoldSmith), London – January 2020

‘I like the subtle way you kept me informed about my booking and all other relevant information.’
Clare (BlackSmith), Northallerton – February 2020

‘Loved the emails in the run up to our stay, with local recommendations etc. I’m so time-poor I hadn't had a chance to research anything. The Smith Extra – free cocktails in our room – was great, too.’
Anne (BlackSmith), Edinburgh – January 2020

'The customer service is brilliant: they are caring, efficient and make everything look so easy.'
Simonetta (SilverSmith) – January 2020

'Thank you to the GoldSmith team for helping us put together an amazing trip. It was wonderful. The itinerary was perfect: starting in Ho Chi Minh City, moving to the Mekong Delta area and finishing on a beautiful beach at Six Senses Con Dao. Thank you for all the suggestions. The hotels were, as always, wonderful. When people ask how we plan a trip, I say ‘just use Mr & Mrs Smith!’  Hopefully, we will be contacting you again later this year...'
Trish (GoldSmith) – January 2020

'The Smith24 expert offered a very effective service and understood our needs when booking a special event for my husband’s 50th birthday.'
Suzette (BlackSmith) – January 2020

'Very efficient, extremely friendly and personable. There was no waiting time when we called on a Saturday morning and the team responded to all of our queries professionally and promptly. A great service.'
Penelope (SilverSmith) – January 2020

'My husband and I have booked through Mr & Mrs Smith a lot in the past (and we often buy the vouchers as presents for loved ones). But I came off the phone to one of their Smith24 experts recently thinking I will now book all our family’s travel through the company now: customer support that’s so human, professional, friendly and efficient is rare.' 
Beth (BlackSmith) – December 2019

'I had a great experience with Smith24 and have already recommended Mr & Mrs Smith to friends...'
Tammie (BlackSmith) – September 2019 

'Great properties. Trusted opinions and reviews. Excellent service: efficient, friendly, professional, knowledgeable…'
Jennifer (BlackSmith) – August 2019

'I was extremely impressed with the service given by Mr & Mrs Smith. The person who handled my query was professional and went to great lengths to assist me. My experience was very good. Could not have wished for a better service.'
Rita (BlackSmith) – July 2019

'We love the offerings and extra perks. It fits our lifestyle. And we've gotten extra upgrades during our stays because of it (at least we think so!)'
Tamara (BlackSmith) – June 2019

'The curated collection of hotels is unparalleled. There's a good amount to choose from – not too overwhelming, and not too limiting. The offers are good and I've never been disappointed in a hotel yet.'
Jemma (BlackSmith) – June 2019

'I have used Mr & Mrs Smith for many years. Every time I contact them they are friendly, helpful and totally on the ball. I love them.'
Deborah (BlackSmith) – June 2019

'Love your selection and customer service. You're my go to when traveling!'
Rochelle (BlackSmith) – May 2019

'Always exceptional service, friendly as well as efficient. Kept me informed with what was happening as well as dealing with and sorting out my query quickly. We always choose Mr & Mrs Smith if we can.'
Jason (BlackSmith) – May 2019

'Reserving the hotel of our choice using vouchers was quick and efficient. It was also reassuring to talk to someone who had first-hand experience of the hotel in the Far East that we were proposing to book.'
Robert (BlackSmith) – May 2019

'We were looking for an hotel in the Cotswolds and thought we'd try Mr & Mrs Smith after searching around other sites online. We were delighted to find an offer for three nights for the price of two at a hotel we've already used. We booked immediately and a few days later our friends asked us to book them in too.'
Julie (BlackSmith) – May 2019

'Mr & Mrs Smith has excellent hotels – it feels like they have been very selective in the ones they recommend so I'm assured that it's going to be a great spot. There's also selections for different budgets so they're not all expensive. The site is easy to navigate with beautiful pictures of the hotels.'
Meeta – BlackSmith, April 2019

'Mr & Mrs Smith are incredibly diligent, always available to discuss an queries and generally make the holiday booking and planning process exciting and easy. We'll never book with anyone else!'
Kerry (BlackSmith) – April 2019

'The conversation with the two Smith24 travel experts was like listening to good friends' travel advice: so informative, and answered all of our concerns. It's a boutique, tailored service and I am very thankful for with convenient times to chat.'
Sandra (BlackSmith) – April 2019

'I am over the moon about Mr & Mrs Smith! Their selection of hotels is terrific and the range of services outstanding. Even when I make my own reservations on their website, I receive follow-up contact from their support team and know that if I have questions or need other reservations besides the hotel, they will do their best to get me just what I want and/or suggest options. I have worked closely with some of the Smith24 travel experts and both have been just outstanding in their support, knowledge and personality. It's been a pleasure to work with them and with Mr & Mrs Smith generally. I'm so glad I joined!'
Kathy (BlackSmith) – March 2019

'The customer-service team had good advice about the hotels. I managed to get my stay for 25 per cent less than if I had gone direct to the hotel.'
Lydia (BlackSmith) – March 2019

'I like having a travel experience where I feel everything is taken care of and someone actually cares. Even though I didn't reply to the emails sent during my stay, I thought it was really thoughtful to reach out and check if I needed something. Very good choice of hotels, great rates, easy booking.'
Felix (BlackSmith) – February 2019

'Working with Mr & Mrs Smith feels like you have a brilliant, in-the-know friend helping you out. I feel like they get my particular taste and make recommendations that fit perfectly. I've discovered so many wonderful experiences because of them. I love them.'
Annett (GoldSmith) – January 2019

'Smooth operation. Mr & Mrs Smith takes the hard work out of finding a beautiful place to stay… The hotel was wonderful, friendly staff, beautiful decor, elegant and peaceful. A real treat. The bottle of fizz from Mr & Mrs Smith was most welcome!'
Janet (BlackSmith) – December 2018

'The booking process was seamless. The site had details on the location and ambiance of the hotel. I also loved that the booking came with extra goodies, ie, indulging in a spa treatment at the hotel.'
Thinley (BlackSmith) – December 2018

'Consistently lovely hotels with excellent services, and often unique/interesting locations. The "Smiths" are providing good pricing with special extras.'
Ruth (BlackSmith) – December 2018

'Mr & Mrs Smith has luxury places to stay and reliably so. I just find that if we are going to go away, I want it to be perfect and I know that anything on Mr & Mrs Smith will be just that: luxury and the extra added perfect touches – absolutely amazing. Stayed at a wonderful hotel in the Cotswolds, and it was perfect. The very helpful customer-service rep helped me to identify the perfect place to stay – thank you.'
Freya (BlackSmith) – December 2018

'Everything about the experience of booking with Mr & Mrs Smith is always wonderful – absolutely exemplary customer service! But in this instance, your agent went above and beyond in finding a room for us in a hotel that was showing as fully booked both on your site and on the hotel's website. It would have been fine if that had been impossible, but it was fantastic that so much trouble was taken on behalf of the customer.' 
Ruth (SilverSmith) – November 2018

'Every hotel we've booked through Mr & Mrs Smith has been fantastic and we've had a great experience. They've often been out-of-the-way places or something just a little off centre. Easy, delivers every time and makes booking a guaranteed interesting and quality hotel with something a bit different so much easier. It used to take me hours of research to find where we wanted to stay, this makes it a lot easier.' 
Courtney (SilverSmith) – November 2018

'The properties are all at the top of their class. The website makes for drooling over. The Mr & Mrs Smith experience is unique, and exciting: being offered a $50 voucher to entice me while 'daydreaming'; the Smith Extra on check in; the email to check whether things were going smoothly during my stay… both the properties represented and the Mr & Mrs Smith experience.' 
Patricia (BlackSmith) – November 2018

'I had an issue when checking into my hotel and Mr & Mrs Smith took care if it as soon as I reached out to them. I couldn't believe how fast they reacted and resolved my problem. And they did it in the middle of the night! Mr. & Mrs Smith always exceeds my expectations.' 
Jeffrey (BlackSmith) – October 2018

'Every property we have stayed with in the past has been terrific.. We like to try boutique accommodation and it can be daunting going through different websites. Mr and Mrs Smith have been consistently accurate with their reviews and I like the personal reviews people have contributed.'
Alana (BlackSmith) – October 2018

'Every Mr & Mrs Smith hotel we have stayed in has been fabulous! Love the Smith extras, packing tips and local recommendations which never disappoint!. Ease of booking through the website and the assurance that the hotel will be lovely.'
Anastasia (BlackSmith) – October 2018

'I love the selection of hotels that Mr & Mrs Smith presents. The right combination of original and sophisticated. The hotels match very well with what I am looking for to ensure a truly special time away. Also I love the 25 per cent off last-minute-booking perk! Will be my go-to for last minute bookings in the future. The booking process was so easy, the website gives a full and easy-to-use presentation of the hotels, and the hotels are all well researched and exactly what I am looking for. Couldn't be better or easier.'
Mark (BlackSmith) – October 2018

'Easy to book, interesting hotels in the portfolio and knowledgeable staff at the end of the phone in case of queries: I have found the experience booking with Mr & Mrs Smith excellent and the quality of the hotel recommendations lacking very little.' 
John (BlackSmith) – September 2018

'We have used Mr & Mrs Smith a few times and it has always been easy and efficient. We like – and trust – the curation of hotels by Mr & Mrs Smith. It is also reassuring to know that we have Mr & Mrs Smith behind us should anything go wrong. There's a sense of high quality all round.' 
Gillian (SilverSmith) – September 2018

'I always appreciate how the folks at Mr & Mrs Smith help me navigate the 'lay of the land' of wherever I am traveling to. They add the topspin to the locations so that I can make a better decision on where to hang my hat during my stays, with full-service guidance and travel support.'
Connie (BlackSmith) – August 2018

'The hotel choices are always spot on. The site lists some hotels that I knew before I found Mr & Mrs Smith, so I know they have good taste. And some turn out to be a place that seems like a well-kept secret.'
Elizabeth (BlackSmith) – August 2018

'When I book through Mr and Mrs Smith I feel confident that my hotel will be as represented. I feel knowledgeable about my choice and relaxed about my booking - the best way to start a get-away!'
Kim (BlackSmith) – July 2018

'Overall, the process for planning and booking our vacation was seamless. Everyone we spoke with was knowledgeable and professional.'
Patrick (GoldSmith) – June 2018

'Was very easy to navigate the website, however I am still a bit old school and felt more comfortable calling to make the reservation. I am glad I did, the young man I spoke to was great!'  
Sara (GoldSmith) – June 2018

'Have booked a few times through Mr & Mrs Smith and have always been delighted with the service! A reminder e-mail is sent a couple of days prior to trip and then again at the end offering help and assistance. Always have little treats included such as a glass of champagne and chocolates!'
Niamh (BlackSmith) – May 2018

'We contacted three agencies to find a great place. Smith was the far better at catering to our individual needs.'
Sarah (BlackSmith) – May 2018

'I don't have the biggest budget but still felt I was treated with attention and care.'
Sophie (BlackSmith) – April 2018

'In the world today where customer service is moving more and more digital and impersonal, Mr & Mrs Smith stand out with their personal customer service team who at always available, and always super helpful!'
Valeria (BlackSmith) – April 2018

'The service and speed of return emails were great, plus we saved some money on the hotels booking through you, and you give the added Smith extras!'
Laura (SilverSmith) – April 2018

'The consultant we booked through went above and beyond to help providing us with a great itinerary for our honeymoon.'
Kate (BlackSmith) – April 2018

'We have always had wonderful service from you and the team and we have enjoyed some amazing holidays. It is a pleasure to be a GoldSmith!'
Ross (GoldSmith) – March 2018

'I just want to thank you for your very quick and efficient response to my request. This is exactly why we always choose Mr & Mrs Smith. My husband and I are really looking forward to our stay.'
Shirley (BlackSmith) – March 2018

'My wife and I typically used another concierge service for our travel. This time, however, we were looking forward to staying at a hotel not covered in their directory, and so we reach out to your team for help in booking. Called your helpline, and have to tell you, wow. The punctuality and professionalism… yet fun and warm personality was unlike anything I had dealt with before. It was a great reconnection to your team, and I look forward to many more dealings. Thank you so much for all your effort and the lengths you have gone to. I really appreciate it. I am so impressed with your high level of customer service.'
Ludovic (GoldSmith) – March 2018

'We love booking with you and through Mr & Mrs Smith its simple, easy, and we have never had any problems. You are fast and efficient and no matter what day or time of the week it is we can pretty much guarantee you will respond to me and we will have a quote within a few hours!'
Holly (GoldSmith) – January 2018

'Many thanks – if I get better service anywhere in 2018 I will be surprised. Great effort and thanks again.'
James GoldSmith) – January 2018

'Can I just say how impressed I've been with the response to "our little crisis" by you, and by the hotel manager.'
Gary (GoldSmith) – December 2017

'Thank you so much for all your efforts. You can be sure that Mr & Mrs Smith with you as a top member of staff will be my first choice for my next trip.'
Petra (GoldSmith) – December 2017

'I just made a booking over the phone, and I wanted to let the powers that be know how fantastic it was. It was the most efficient, friendly and helpful customer service I've experienced in a very long time.'
Silvana (GoldSmith) – December 2017

'As I said to you a day or two ago we really appreciate what you do for us. It is personal service to a very high level. We have been to, and I hope will continue to go to, some great hotels in lovely locations with complete confidence. Once again we wish you all the very best for the festive season and for 2018.
Tim & Gill (GoldSmith members) – December 2017