Luxury holidays in Greece

If you like your feta drizzled with olive oil, fish cooked in ouzo, and holidays laced with sunshine, chances are you’ll find your joy somewhere from the Acropolis to the Aegean Sea. Step into the ring where Olympians first competed, trek up volcanoes and sail around strings of dramatic islands floating in piercing blue waters. Whether you're an ancient history buff, a major adrenaline junkie, ouzo enthusiast or beach connoisseur, make like lightning and head to Greece.

Destinations in Greece

  • Antiparos island, the petite Cycladian neighbour to Paros, is a Grecian isle with alluring topography (golden beaches, thick cedar forests, mossy hills) that remains blissfully under-the-radar.
  • The westernmost of the Dodecanese islands, Astypalaia is the very definition of laid-back simplicity. With its authentic hospitality, sugar-cube dwellings and Hellenistic bathhouses this low-key island is one of Greece’s best-kept secrets.
  • Centre of the ancient world, Athens is every bit as glorious and atmospheric as you'd imagine.
  • The cypress-studded island of Corfu, just off the north-west coast of Greece, is surrounded by the crystalline waters of the Ionian Sea.
  • Thank Zeus (or Hera, or Poseidon) that Theseus dealt with that pesky minotaur, because now the coast is clear for the rest of us to enjoy Crete in peace.
  • The Dodecanese are postcard-perfect islands in the sunniest corner of the Aegean. Rhodes – of Colossus fame – and Kos are the largest and offer the most for history-buffs and culture-seekers; hop between Kalymnos, Leros, Karpathos and Patmos for more secl
  • Over Santorini? Meet its sister island, the quiet and less touristy Folegandros, less than an hour away by catamaran.
  • Aquamarine skies, turquoise waters, crystal-white sands: Halkidiki's beautiful Blue Flag beaches are underpopulated, unspoilt and utterly Instagram-worthy.
  • The Greek gods themselves couldn’t help but find the Ionian Islands a paradise: boutique hotels and secluded villas; seas as clear-cut as a diamond; and miles of soft-as-velvet sands.
  • A central hub for island-hopping in the Dodecanese, Kos is home to a new breed of boutique hotels perfectly placed for exploring the lesser-known beaches and mountain-top villages of this sun-blessed isle.
  • This charming winter wonderland is far from your typical Greek holiday; the ski-haven of Metsovo sits amid the snow-covered mountains of Pindus in Epirus.
  • When it comes to Venus, Greek isle Milos has got it (or at least that's where the armless beauty was discovered).
  • With its sugar-cube structures, curving white-sand coast and A-list-attracting credentials, Mykonos is the jet-set’s Cycladic isle of choice.
  • Greek island Naxos is dotted with sandy stretches of beach, ancient ruins and blue-and-white Byzantine churches.
  • Picturesque Paros operates on a decidedly lower key than its more crowded Cycladic cousins, but once you get on her lulling level, the island will unveil her unadorned charms: traditional tavernas, rolling hills and a bounty of beaches to bask on.
  • Named after an ancient hero who won a chariot race and then a kingdom, the finger-shaped Peloponnese is a timeless corner of mainland Greece…
  • Offering cosmopolitan getaways with medieval trappings, Rhodes has something to satisfy the whole family. Enjoy unsullied beaches, ancient towns and archaeological hotspots, or channel your inner Dionysus in Faliraki after-hours.
  • Mathematicians and epicureans can find common ground on the island of Samos in the eastern Aegean – we can be grateful to the birthplace of Pythagoras and Epicurus for both hypotenuse cracking and good living.
  • From the indigo waters of the caldera to the snowdrifts of cliff-hugging cubist villas, Santorini’s beauty today is as dramatic as its volcanic genesis.
  • Time slows on sleepy Serifos Island, seemingly worlds away from its swish sister Cyclades Mykonos and Santorini.
  • Holidays to Greek islands aren’t exactly a new idea, but today's Skiathos is home to a wildly romantic, family-ready resort, extolling a brand of luxury unheard of in these parts for decades.
  • Accessible only by sea, it’s easy to see why Spetses is the retreat of choice for affluent Athenians. The best way to enjoy the town’s mansion-strewn skyline is from offshore: waterskiing, sailing or swimming in the sun-sparkled Aegean.
  • The grandest dame you’ve never heard of, Syros is something of a Cycladic outlier. In the shadow of bikini-clad Mykonos and starry-eyed Santorini, the island has all the subversive spirit you’d expect from a port destination with a flush of Venetian charm
  • Cradling the crook of an Aegean bay, Thessaloniki is a beguiling port city with a stormy past and vibrant, cosmopolitan present.
  • Wander Tinos’ church-laden streets and secluded blue bays, where waves gently lap as the Greek sun beats down and locals potter along Venetian-esque ports.

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