We’ve rounded up an ever-growing selection of boutique hotel stays, luxury hotel hideaways and romantic retreats in Spain. Click on a destination below to see our current pick of the best boutique hotels to book, as well as an insider guide to everything from restaurants and bars to picnics and hire cars…

Destinations in Spain

  • Alicante


    This sandy stretch of south-eastern Spain has been a hit with holidaymakers since the Brits discovered Benidorm in the 1960s, but beyond the beaches and bars, there’s a mountainous landscape of wild beauty, a coastline riddled with hidden coves and dotte
  • Andalucia


    This sunny Spanish region is best seen from a saddle; riding over scorching scrub-covered lowlands while gazing at the Sierra Nevada range is as romantic as it gets. Like a toreador caught off guard, you’ll be knocked off your feet.
  • Balearic Islands

    Balearic Islands

    From the up-all-night party scene to the peaceful pine forests, the Mediterranean island trio of Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca have long been a hip haven for beach fans, club fiends and country-life lovers alike.
  • Barcelona


    Basking on the sun-kissed shores of the Mediterranean, the Catalan capital is a city with its finger most firmly on the pulse: Barcelona has always embraced style, bold design and all things new.
  • Basque Country

    Basque Country

    Hugging a rugged, windswept coastline that snakes east of Bilbao into France and the Pyrenees, the Basque country of northern Spain promises both urban excitement and open-air adventure.
  • Empordà


    This northerly region in Catalonia has scenery to satisfy your every whim – city break (Girona), beach retreat (Costa Brava) or country weekend (La Bisbal).
  • Madrid


    By day, Madrid is a city of extravagant palaces, majestic plazas and stately parks; by night, los gatos (the cats), as the city’s inhabitants are nicknamed, prowl the historic avenues until the early hours indulging their passion for decadent nightlife.
  • Marbella


    A bustling city with 24 beaches, this Spanish hotspot has more to it than the usual Costa del Sol tourist route.
  • Pamplona


    This mountain-flanked city in the Navarre region of northern Spain is known for its wine, cheese and annual bull run…
  • Valencia


    Revamped and rejuvenated, Valencia’s an ancient Mediterranean port with grand modern designs, and it’s not just the oranges that benefit from the region’s year-round sunshine…

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Home-cooking worth staying in for

Home-cooking worth staying in for

For a five-star gourmet hotel break in Spain, rustic boutique hotel Casa la Siesta will sate your appetite. The owners’ table d’hôte is an unmissable feast of kitchen garden-gathered fruit and vegetables and excellent local delicacies. On your country getaway, look out for the secreto Ibérico (a hidden cut of marbled meat – fatty, but delicious), and the staple of Spanish cuisine, seafood straight from the coast, just 12 kilometres away.

Casa la Siesta in Vejer de la Frontera
Paco Pérez

Paco Pérez

As you might expect from a chef who trained under Ferran Adrià, Paco Pérez creates dishes that could pass as artworks, colourful culinary portraits painted in foams, jus and powders. But these are not just hollow theatrics – Pérez has a gift for combining flavours that has bagged him a quintet of Michelin stars over the years. Miramar, the seafood-slanted restaurant he set up with his wife in his hometown of Llançà, near Girona, has become a site of gastronomic pilgrimage (sea cucumbers are a speciality). Peréz has not confined himself to Spain, however. When he opened Cinco at the Das Stue in Berlin in 2013, expectations ran high. Within a year, its technically accomplished, Iberian-inflected, 25-course tasting menu had added another Michelin star to his CV.

Explore Das Stue
Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola

Born in Orviedo, Patricia Urquiola is one of the most versatile and prolific designers in Europe today, with a roster of clients that many of her contemporaries would kill for: Dior, Louis Vuitton, B&B Italia, Salvatore Ferragamo, BMW and dozens more. Over her career, her unconventional eye and warm aesthetic approach has turned from furniture to interiors to architecture, and have won her so many ‘Designer of the Year’ awards, it’s very possible she has had to design a cabinet to keep them in. Smith hotel aficionados will spot her hand in the innovative and colourful look of Das Stue in Berlin, and Urquiola’s credentials as an architectural designer are on resplendent display in the lacework- and origami-inspired interiors of the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona.

Discover more about Patricia Urquiola
Marbella Club

Marbella Club

Marbella has been the famously chic playground of old-school, look-at-me Mediterranean glamour for decades, and Marbella Club is one of the biggest reasons behind its rep. Opened by playboy Prince Alfonso von Hohenlohe in 1951, the shore-side resort (which includes a spa, beach club, golf course, botanical gardens and champagne room, naturally) still attracts the glitz-garbed international jet set and those who like to watch them at play. Although these days, a lot of the younger guests slope off to barefoot-luxe coast club Nikki Beach down the road when they’re tired of lounging on the pool terrace…

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Cap Rocat, Mallorca

Cap Rocat, Mallorca

If you have new-season swimwear to show off that is best accessorised by a 19th-century Mallorcan fort (every good bikini needs battlements for a backdrop), Cap Rocat is the place to do it. High in drama, blessed with sweeping sea views and radiating exclusivity from drawbridge to turret, it’s a secluded, adults-only hideaway, where supermodels and super yachters go for superlative service and one of the sexiest poolsides on the Med.

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Elena Arzak

Elena Arzak

Contemporary Spanish cooking may well be progressive and forward thinking, but, as in most countries, it’s still dominated by men. Elena Arzak, often lauded as ‘the world’ best female chef’, is a welcome exception. Elena and her father Juan Mari Arzak (one of the big beasts of New Basque cuisine) are responsible for Arzak, the triple-Michelin-star restaurant that has been in their family for 118 years and a standard feature of gourmet ‘must-try’ shortlists. It is set in central San Sebastián (across the river from Smith hotel Astoria 7), home to more Michelin stars per square metre than any other city in the world – possibly related to the fact it sits at the geographical and culinary meeting point of France and Spain. In the last decade, Elena (whose professional education, inevitably, involved a period at El Bulli) has emerged as a remarkable chef in her own right, continuing and building on her father’s legacy with unparalleled artistry and improbably brilliant flavour combinations.

Explore Arzak
La Tomatina

La Tomatina

It’s not an architectural marvel, nor a museum of historical treasures, but the folk festival of La Tomatina, in the small Valencian town of Buñol, is one of the cultural highlights of modern Spain. Well, we say ‘folk festival’; it’s more a mass food fight – and a marvellous example of how humanity can latch on to something ridiculous and turn it into tradition. They story starts with a scuffle at a summer parade in 1945 when rambunctious youngsters went ballistic (literally) with a vegetable stall in the market, until the police intervened. They returned the next year to commemorate the anniversary, and again the next.  More people joined in each passing year. Eventually, the city authorities gave up trying to stop them and instead started giving them tomatoes. Today, on the last Wednesday in August, around 40,000 eager fruit-flingers flock to the town square at 9am to pelt each other with 125,000kg of tomatoes, over the course of an hour, until the streets run red with juice. It is all both violently joyful and profoundly silly, and although the actual event only lasts an hour, the spirit of revelry fills most of the week. Accommodation’s in short supply in Buñol, but if you’re joining in the madness, Hospes Palau de la Mar in Valencia is an hour away. (Photo credit: MikeJamieson(1950) / Foter / CC BY-SA)

Explore La Tomatina
Design Museum of Barcelona

Design Museum of Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the modern world’s great design hubs and, for a crash course in Catalan creativity, its new Museu del Dessny is your first port of call. Having opened its doors for the first time in December 2014, it brings together the collections of four of the city’s former museums. It now provides a home for more than 70,000 significant objects from the history of Spanish space design, product design, information design and fashion, stretching from the fourth century to the present day. The museum’s ambitious headline exhibitions trace the evolution of the ‘decorative arts’ of the past to what we think of as design today, moving from mediaeval fabric and Renaissance glasswork to contemporary catwalk fashion and modern graphic design. Impossible to miss, the huge metallic hammerhead of a building lords it over the Plaça de les Glòries; the glossy, glassy and glamorous Smith hotel Meliá Barcelona Sky is just down the road.

Explore Barcelona Design Museum
At the chef’s table

At the chef’s table

Restaurants in Menorca rarely have finer dishes than the ones at rustic boutique hotel Torralbenc. Their eatery, Sa Taula de Torralbenc, is housed in a former store-house for wine barrels and their drinks list is still impressive. Their high-end Mediterranean cuisine is made with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients, and their kitchen was formerly helmed by a Michelin-starred chef – so its gastronomic pedigree is reassuringly high. Guests can be served by the owners in the cosy dining room, or on the open-air terrace overlooking the greenery.  


Torralbenc in Menorca


Like a side of history with your summer sunshine? Italy's portions are generous. Get an education in Renaissance art by strolling round Florence's glorious galleries, then skip forward a few centuries at fashionable Fifties-fitted retreat, Portrait Firenze. Gaze at the Colosseum over red snapper steak at Hotel Palazzo's rooftop restaurant. Explore the recently restored Villa dei Misteri and the rest of Pompeii's ruins from an Amalfi Coast base like the artsy Capo la Gala. And if you're all Roman-ed out, southern Spain's colourful past has left a trove of treasures to explore. Staying in an 18th-century marble-columned palace like Seville's Palacio de Villapanés should get you in the mood. 

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