Well-groomed guests: pet-travel tips from Mungo & Maud


Well-groomed guests: pet-travel tips from Mungo & Maud

The founders of London's most fashionable dog and cat outfitters tell us their tales of travelling with furry friends in tow

Richard MacKichan

BY Richard MacKichan11 April 2016

When we looked to revamp our collection of pet-friendly hotels we needed some advice from someone who knew a thing or two about holidaying with four-legged friends. Step forward Nicola and Michael Sacher: founders of London’s leading designer dog outfitters, Mungo & Maud. Here’s what we found out…

It’s a dog’s life for the pair of you, then – how did you decide to do what you do?
Mungo & Maud was created at our table and has evolved considerably since then… mostly as our table was chewed up by our puppy, who truly was the inspiration behind our brand. At the time, there was nothing other than traditional pet shops. We couldn’t find refined products that worked alongside our taste in fashion and interiors. So with that, the journey of Mungo & Maud began.

Tell us about your own animal companions…
Our English Setter is called Rupert, he spends his time between the park, Mungo & Maud’s head office and home. He is affectionate, sensitive, clumsy and adored by everyone he encounters.

Does he come with you on your travels?
Despite his size, Rupert accompanies us on our travels, mainly when we escape to the countryside. We were planning on taking him to the mountains this summer – just another element to add to the hike.

Where have you found most accommodating?
We loved Cliveden, where dogs are most welcome. It’s such a beautiful estate and there are such pretty surroundings where dogs can roam.

And any pet-travel disaster stories?
Thankfully, no! Other than the occasional early morning call.

You’ve got your London HQ – where else can people find Mungo & Maud goodies?
Though the original home of Mungo & Maud is in Elizabeth Street, Belgravia, our brand is sold worldwide online, and in boutiques and stores across Europe, North America and Asia. We also have a concession in Harrods and Isetan, Tokyo.

What’s hot on your ‘catwalk’ right now?
Our new T-Quilt ‘Whiskers’: a quilted sweatshirt which comes in two colourways – it has sweet little whiskers embroidered onto the fabric. The Lineo Collection launches this April, too – striped leads and collars in fresh colours (mauve/liquorice and spearmint/clover).

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