Animal psychics, massages and other over-the-top hotel amenities for pets

These pet-friendly stays throw furry friends a bone... and then some

Amelia Mularz

BY Amelia Mularz30 May 2017

Maybe it’s because we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Marc Jacobs’ dog Neville lounging poolside in St Barths, or Karl Lagerfeld’s cat Choupette flying private, that we expect more for our four-legged travel companions. A water bowl and biscuits may have sufficed in the past, but these days hotels are stepping up their game and not only welcoming pets, but fully pampering them, too. Here, we’ve rounded up the six most lavish amenities at our favourite pet-friendly hotels.

As for airfare, if you’re still flying your kitty in coach, don’t feel bad – it was reported in 2015 that lil’ Choupette pulls in more than $4 million a year.

Animal psychics
The Old No. 77 Hotel and Chandlery in New Orleans isn’t just concerned that your pooch has water and a place to play fetch. This Big Easy bolthole wants to make sure your pup is spiritually fulfilled as well. They’ll hook you up with an animal psychic, as well as reading material – including books on doggy psychology and holistic animal care – from their pet spiritual menu. But if your fur baby prefers the occult (hey, you never know), of course there’s always Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo on Bourbon Street, where you can get mugwort, moss voodoo dolls, and a tarot deck devoted to the animal lords.

The Betsy South Beach, spa

Pup-and-me pampering
Consider a couples massage with your one and only – your canine companion, that is. At Miami’s The Betsy South Beach you can enjoy a relaxing rub, complete with aromatherapy oils, while your hound gets an equally soothing treatment by your side. It all goes down at the hotel’s outdoor, rooftop spa. And don’t worry, if you’ve got a few more kinks to work out than your sidekick (understandable), spa attendants will keep your dog occupied with some cool water and fresh nibbles.

Strips of New York steak
Your table scraps simply won’t cut it anymore and the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles knows that. The West Hollywood hideaway offers a special pet menu for four-legged guests. There’s steak served rare, a sirloin cheeseburger with carrot fries, and boneless chicken breast (aka ‘the Mighty Mutt’ meal). Your well-fed pup can then then curl up in a mini Sunset Tower bed.

Made-to-order meals
If your dog is a particularly picky pooch, he’d appreciate a stay at The Arch London, where the hotel’s seasoned chefs fire up pet food that’s cooked to order. Afterward, take him for a walk at nearby Hyde Park – just a five-minute stroll away. Even the most choosy pup will find a suitable patch of grass among the park’s 350 acres.

Coworth Park, Ascot, Berkshire, England

Hoof manicures
Don’t like to leave home without your horse? Coworth Park hotel in Ascot recognises that not all our animal friends are cats and dogs. This 17th-century mansion and polo estate is fully equipped with an equestrian centre and a horse check-in service. Treat your steed to an equine manicure, bubble bath and a muscle massage with aromatherapy oil. Boarding also includes a personalised sign on the stable door, a Himalayan rock salt lick (jealous?) and homemade horse treats baked by the hotel’s pastry chef.

A pal for the pet-less
This may be the most luxe amenity of all: an actual pet. If you’d like some companionship while on the road, both Town Hall Hotel & Apartments in London and the Roxy Hotel in New York City will lend you a goldfish for the duration of your stay. You can’t get a massage with your fish or feed her choice cuts of beef, but she will sit tight – er float tight, rather – while you regale her with all your travel tales.