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Discover Chile's diverse charms: make one of the best boutique hotels or luxury lodges in Chile your South American home from home, and you'll be perfectly poised to explore the deserts, mountains and coastline, up and down the country.

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Destinations in Chile

  • A virtually uninhabited spot between the curve of the Pacific coast and the snowy-peaked Andes, the Atacama desert is a vast, alien landscape of ruby-red rocks, white-tinted salt plains and star-strewn skies.
  • Snow-capped mountains, vast lakes and fjords, pasture and dense forest… Chilean Patagonia, at the southernmost tip of South America, has an unfair share of natural beauty.
  • Chiloé island is cloaked in a mythical, and often actual, mist; if legends are true, visitors to this magical Chilean spot will see demons, phantom ships and mermaids (oh my!) while exploring the dense forests and shoreline.
  • The famous Moai heads may be remote Easter Island’s main lure, but the diving, scenic hikes and unique culture make the five-hour flight from Chile more than worth your while.
  • Set in central Chile, Millahue valley and its rolling vineyards are bordered by the snow-dusted Andes Mountains; they’re just two hours’ drive from capital city Santiago.
  • Chile’s most iconic surf spot, Punta de Lobos, is a five-minute drive from coastal city Pichilemu.
  • A city boasting summer skiing, winter sun and year-round diversions, from snowsports to museum jaunts? Santiago, Chile’s multi-talented capital, ticks all the right boxes for adventurous travellers.
  • Chile's Zona Sur is a real adventurist’s playground, full of snow-capped volcanoes, majestic lakes and tracts of fern-filled forest.

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