Luxury holidays in Iguazú Falls

Nestled between the Brazilian and Argentinian borders, Iguazú Falls is the largest series of waterfalls in the world. The cascading cataract is made up of almost 300 falls, spans almost 3km in width and at its most jaw-dropping height is over 80 metres tall. Nourished by so much water, the surrounding jungle is unsurprisingly verdant. Isolated from all other forests, Iguazú is quite unlike any other patch of wilderness: living amid the endemic species of trees, orchids and ferns you’ll find tropical birds, pumas, tapirs and capuchin monkeys hanging around.

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When to go

Fair weather travellers should visit between March and April, or September and October when temperatures are in the low 20s. Temperatures dip into the high teens between May and August, so if you prefer cooler climes, this is the best time for you. Avoid trips between December and February as during this period the heat soars into the 30s.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Fly to Iguazú International via Buenos Aires. Our Smith24 team are on hand round the clock to book your flights, if needed.
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    Your best to let your hotel chauffeur you around during your stay, but if you do want your own car, our helpful Smith24 team are just a phone call away and will happily arrange a rental for you to pick up at the airport.