Discover luxury ski hotels and lodges in Saas-Fee, Switzerland

Alpine ski spot Saas-Fee, within pasta-throwing distance of the Italian border, is known as the ‘Pearl of the Alps’; it’s framed by 13 four-thousanders and could be mistaken for an icing-sugar-dusted gingerbread village from afar. It’s the base for more than 100 kilometres of skiing and snowboarding pistes (sledding and toboggan runs, too). Winter wanderers can strap on crampons and hike into the Mittelallalin Ice Pavilion – a frozen grotto carved into the glittering Fee Glacier. In summer, Saas-Fee is prime territory for avid rock climbers and hikers and, would you believe it, summer skiing on the glacier. However you spend your day, toast it with a spot of fortifying après-ski (hot chocolate or something stronger) and a round of raclette before a cosy night’s sleep.

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