Luxury dog-friendly hotels in Mexico City, Mexico

People come to Mexico City from all over the country, in search of economic freedom, a happening urban lifestyle, or just an old-fashioned good time. As a result, the city is a melting pot of the various cultures and languages of rural Mexico. In its vast ruins and astounding museums you find evidence of the Aztec past, but walk in its markets and streets today and you still get a sense that this is not just another overdeveloped former European colony – Mexico City has a culture and a flavour all of its own. With a vibrant arts scene and an amazing creative energy, you’ll find plenty of interest in its galleries, fashion boutiques, and the mariachi music that echoes down the city streets. The capital’s restaurants proudly continue the rich culinary traditions of the country that brought the world chocolate, corn and the tomato, and, whether it’s the Day of the Dead or just another Saturday night in the city, you’ll discover that no one knows how to party like the Mexicans – and not a piñata in sight.

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