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With a history steeped in Grecian myth and Spanish conquest, Menorca is best known for its lively summer fiestas, creative Catalan cuisine, and distinctive biodiversity. Home to over 900 species of flowering plants, Menorca may awaken your inner botanist. The island’s unspoilt coastlines are ideal for a meandering morning ramble; grab your best boots and have a guide trek you through the thriving terrain. Visit tranquil Fornells harbour on the northern coast for an enriching bowl of caldereta langosa (lobster stew). Head inland to the main city of Maó for a palate-piquing plate of traditional Mahón cheese and spend the afternoon exploring the ruins of the Arch de San Roche city wall. In between sampling food and fiestas, be sure to investigate the prehistoric stone structures that are scattered throughout the island – an ideal chance to learn to tell your taules from your talaiots.

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