Discover pet-friendly hotels in Himalayas, India

Mount Everest may be the Himalayas’ most famous export, but this quietly majestic mountain range is home to far more than death-defying climbs. The foothills in Uttarakhand, one of India’s northernmost states, hold several of the country’s most tranquil and spiritual spots. Pilgrimage town Rishikish, the birthplace of yoga, is a must-visit for meditation and a spot of quiet contemplation. For a truly magical experience, watch the Ganga Aarti ceremony in nearby Haridwar, during which tiny flickering lamps are floated down the river from the sacred bathing steps. In the mountains themselves, fresh breezes, invigorating hikes, and valley views from heaven are daily treats, and the wildlife safaris are unmissable for bird-watchers: more than 500 species gather in the nearby forests throughout the year.