Luxury dog-friendly hotels in Córdoba, Spain

If there were a golden triangle of Spanish/Moorish architecture (and there is – just look at a map and join the dots) you’ll find Córdoba at the peak with Seville and Granada making up the foundations. Smaller and more easily overlooked than its higher-profile neighbours, Córdoba holds its own over both: avoiding the tourist logjam of Granada, and, according to UNESCO, which branded the city centre a world heritage site in 1984, boasting better-preserved buildings than Seville. Its dinky size makes Córdoba the perfect place for the ever-so-slightly sluggish sightseer (ancient walled city: check. Jewish quarter: check. world’s third largest mosque: check), and, like its fellow Andalucian towns, it’s always got matadors on its mind, tapas in its mouth and flamenco in its footsteps.

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