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The combination of glossy steel masterpieces and sprawling shoreline is simply seductive. A typical day will have you spinning the racks at the finest boutiques on the Magnificent Mile (a ritzy stretch of Michigan Avenue), cruising along the shores of Lake Michigan and tucking into gastronomic dish at a Michelin-starred restaurant in the chichi Gold Coast neighbourhood. Somehow Illinois’ biggest, brashest city manages to be cosmopolitan without being overwhelming. Rumour has it that some of the culinary world’s best and brightest use Chicago as their test kitchen before launching on a larger scale. Chef side-projects and specialty spin-offs of all flavours are the order du jour, such as Graham Eliot’s gourmet sandwich shop, Grant Achatz’s molecular gastronomic masterpieces at Alinea and TV personality Rick Bayless' streetfood-inspired Xoco. From all of the Michelin love annually bestowed on Chicago’s foodie illuminati, it seems their experiments are paying off.

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