Bryce Longton

Wanderlustful writer

After a brief stint within the guidebook industry (writing about dogs, no less), and many years as editor-in-chief of a ‘bitches and booze’ magazine in Los Angeles, Bryce traded in the daily cubicle grind for a life of planes, trains and automobiles. She’s done yoga from the balcony of five-star hotels in locales as varied as Tel Aviv, Florence and Seoul, and hopes to add Istanbul and Shanghai to that list as soon as possible. A self-confessed foodie, she is always on the hunt for the following items: the best eggs Benedict, the best burrito and the best sashimi. The most memorable meal she’s ever had was in the Ardeonaig Hotel in Scotland, which, curiously, included neither eggs Benedict, burritos nor sashimi.

Bryce Longton anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: