Marrakech, Morocco

Maison mk

Rates from (ex tax)$135.55

Price information

If you haven’t entered any dates, the rate shown is provided directly by the hotel and represents the cheapest double room (including tax) available in the next 21 days.

Prices have been converted from the hotel’s local currency (MAD1,500.00), via, using today’s exchange rate.


Curvacious teched-up riad


Quiet La Ksour sidestreet

A retired fashion photographer transformed a 600-year-old riad in the Marrakech medina into Maison mk hotel, a design den that blends traditional Moroccan motifs with modern minimalist touches. The teardrop-shaped plunge pool, vibrantly coloured fabrics and silk artwork all showcase an eye for detail at this comfortable contemporary retreat.

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A bottle of Moroccan wine


Photos Maison mk facilities

Need to know


Six suites: five doubles and a twin/double.


11am, but flexible. Check-in, 2pm.


Double rooms from $135.55 (MAD1,364), excluding tax at 10 per cent. Please note the hotel charges an additional local city tax of MAD30.00 per person per night on check-out.

Price information

If you haven’t entered any dates, the rate shown is provided directly by the hotel and represents the cheapest double room (including tax) available in the next 21 days.

Prices have been converted from the hotel’s local currency (MAD1,500.00), via, using today’s exchange rate.

More details

Rates include breakfast, morning coffee, afternoon mint tea and and homemade cake, a daily MK cocktail at 6pm and, for stays of three nights or more, airport transfers. Four-night minimum stay in high season.


You can tailor-make an in-room honour bar to your taste – just let the riad know your preferences before you arrive and staff will ensure it’s stocked with your favourite goodies. Otherwise, you’ll find such luxuries as Veuve Clicquot, mineral water and even Haribo sweets. Spa treatments can be arranged, and a delicious spread of food and drink, including home-made cake and mint tea is served in the afternoon.

At the hotel

Spa, hammam, iPad, camera and flip video for guest use, small library of books and DVDs, free WiFi throughout. In rooms: hand-made beds with Maison de Blanc bed linen, sound system with preloaded iPod. All rooms include a mobile phone, with credit.

Our favourite rooms

Thanks to the incredible mattresses (the same type that the king himself likes to slumber on), and the super-luxurious 600-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets, you’re guaranteed a good night’s sleep whichever suite you nest in. If you want a bit more space, Room 1, the master suite, is twice as big as the other five, with high ceilings, hanging silks and chandeliers and a gorgeous tadelakt bathroom. Room 5 can be used as a twin bed and Room 6 is the quirkiest, with exposed beams, hanging silks in orange and crimson, and windows looking out onto the street – its ensuite, with a walk-in shower is also rather luxe. If you'd like lots of light and a few special treats (a candlelit petal-strewn bath and a bottle of bubbly) stay in golden-hued Room 3.


The curvy plunge pool in the courtyard spreads like a teardrop from the wide fireplace in the courtyard. (The resident rubber duck seems to like it, too).

Packing tips

Purge your luggage of gadgetry – each of the riad’s rooms comes with a preloaded iPod and a mobile phone – with credit and useful numbers included.


There's a fireplace-fitted smoking room – with a few shisha pipes and a cigar box – if you need to light up. The riad also offers cooking lessons and has an alcohol licence.


Unless you book the whole riad, it’s over-12s only. An extra bed can be added to rooms 1 or 3 for MAD550 a night (MAD690 in high season, MAD415 in low). Board games and a children’s menu (with adaptable meals) are available on request.

Food and Drink

Photos Maison mk food and drink

Top Table

Couples in search of an intimate soirée should book the private dining table at the far end of the restaurant – it’s curtained off from the rest of the room, beneath a shining golden ceiling.

Dress Code

Laid-back loungewear – your newly purchased djellaba would be perfect.

Hotel restaurant

Five-course Moroccan/European fusion meals are served in the warm, lounge-like dining room or by the pool. The terracotta walls are inscribed with ornate Arabic calligraphy, chairs are upholstered in white leather, and colourful banquettes line the walls. A lighter three-course dinner is served on the roof terrace and the hotel offers an à la carte lunch menu and afternoon tea. 

Hotel bar

You can drink anywhere in the riad, whether it’s a bottle of Cristal or the local beer. We love the three-tier roof terrace, for its amazing views and bar, and the sunken lounge beside the fireplace.

Last orders

Pre-booked dinners in the restaurant are served at 7.30 or 8.30pm, and canapés are served half an hour beforehand. 'Night-light' dinners on the roof terrace until 9pm, but lighter snacks are available after hours.

Room service

Light snacks and drinks can be brought to your room – or to the roof terrace – 24 hours a day.


Photos Maison mk location
Maison mk
14 Derb Sebaai, Quartier Ksour, Medina


The closest airport is Marrakech’s Menara Airport, 6km from the city centre. Fly there from the UK and elsewhere in Europe with British Airways (, Royal Air Maroc (, EasyJet ( and Ryanair ( For stays of three days or more, the 10-minute transfer from the airport to Maison mk is included in the room rate.


The Moroccan state railway, ONCF (, runs inexpensive – although limited – services to Marrakech from Casablanca, Fez and Tangier. Look for TCR (Train Climatisé Rapide) trains to guarantee air-conditioning in summer.


Driving is not recommended in the congested centre of Marrakech and parking around the Medina can be difficult. If you do want to hire a car, there is an Avis ( desk at the airport. To reach the hotel, follow Avenue de la Menara from the airport to the city centre.

Worth getting out of bed for

A hammam, massage, facial or a beauty treament is the perefect antidote to the dusty bustle of the medina, and Maison MK's spa menu is extremely well priced.

Local restaurants

The hotel is only a short walk from many of the medina's dining hotspots, including Le Tobsil (+212 (0)524 444052), on Derb Moulay Abdellah Ben Hessaien – the best place in Marrakech to sample multi-course Maroc cuisine.


Photos Maison mk reviews

Anonymous review

Yes! It’s got a little cinema room with a bed for two people. They bring you popcorn (salted or sweet) and you’re allowed to get drunk in there. It’s got a huge surround sound system – and did I mention there’s a bed in there? The minute I saw that, I knew I was going to love Maison mk.

Some people might call me a berk for travelling to North Africa and sitting in a dark room watching ‘Saving Private Ryan’ at a deafening volume. Well, I would say this: firstly, who uses the word ‘berk’ in this day and age, and secondly, do you realise how hot Morocco is in July? I certainly didn’t before I booked. 45 degrees in the shade. The taxi driver told us this on the way to Maison mk. My response was ‘Wow! 45 degrees, is that too hot, even for you?’ He replied, ‘Yes sir, I am also a human.’ As we stepped off the plane I assumed we were being blasted by hot air from the jet engines. Those jet engines followed us the entire time we were in Morocco. It’s quite something when the wind is hotter than the still air.

Maison mk sticks two fingers up to the heat. I don’t know how this hotel does it, but this hip hideaway always manages to stay incredibly cool. It’s a riad, which is like a walled garden that’s got seriously out of control. There are only a handful of rooms and they are built round a courtyard with a plunge pool in the middle. I jumped straight into the teardrop-shaped pool on arrival and a man instantly asked if I’d like a beer while I was in there. Why, yes. Yes, I would.

That man knew to offer me a beer at that exact moment because staff at Maison mk have an attention to detail I haven’t witnessed since my maths teacher, Mr Hawkins. (Luckily they don’t have his appalling dandruff problem.) Everything is exactly where you’d need it. The rooms have an iPod fully loaded with chilled music. You get given a mobile phone with useful numbers in it. There’s free WiFi. There’s a cinema room with a bed in it. What’s more, it’s all beautifully designed with dark little alcoves and shady, curtainy-cushiony-relaxy areas up on the roof terrace. The hotel’s owner has a lifetime of fashion photography behind him, and he’s brought his designer’s instinct to every aspect of Maison mk, from the pool that seems to emerge from the wide fireplace in the courtyard to the silk chiffon portrait prints that hang above the floaty, underlit beds. While most riads tend to be angular and geometric, Maison mk has had every edge smoothed and every corner curved, making it appear soft and rounded.

Why would you ever want to leave? I should state that I’m not using that as an expression, I’m being very literal. Don’t leave. It’s a jungle out there. It’s hard to believe that Maison mk is right in the middle of the souk. Just the other side of the front door is a labyrinth of alleyways full of shops selling authentic one-offs that you definitely didn’t just see on the same type stall next door.

Within seconds of leaving Maison mk we found ourselves on a guided tour of the city by a man with scars all over his face. He took us to all the major attractions. His brother’s silk shop. His cousin’s pottery shop. His uncle’s fez shop. His sister’s… actually I’m not sure what it was. It was a building with a blanket in that apparently had sleeping orphans underneath. In the rush to get out I think we might have paid for those kids to go through college. We asked Scarface to take us to a temple or something. He told us he’d take us to a place ‘the guidebooks won’t tell you about’. As we arrived it became clear the guidebooks don’t tell you about it because it’s rubbish. Every now and then we’d bump into another couple on a similar tour. One Scandinavian couple even talked to us. I didn’t speak the dialect but through the mutual language of fear I knew they were saying, ‘We’re going to die out here in this heat. If we starve to death, who do we eat first?’

So my advice is this – well, first of all don’t go to Morocco in July – but if you do, don’t leave the hotel unless you know where you’re going. Maison mk is small but there’s plenty of pleasure to be had there. I booked myself in for a hammam. A hammam is where you lie in a 70-degree sauna and try not to betray arousal while somebody scrubs you from top to bottom. Upon entering, I heard the unforgettable words of ‘trunks off!' Either my reply of ‘oui’ was utterly unconvincing, or she simply couldn’t stand the sight of me naked, as I was swiftly offered a small piece of brown cloth to cover my ‘place’. (Looking back I wonder if she has a variety of larger cloths that she rejected before giving me my small one.) The problem with the cloth is that the slightest movement downstairs is amplified; a bit like that trick ‘fun guys’ do in restaurants where they hold a napkin out and make it rise up and down with a hidden fork. I should state at this point that the woman was nothing but professional and this whole situation was happening entirely in my head. It’s the setting. It would be arousing even if it was Boris Johnson administering the rubbing. It’s hard to relax when you’re engaged in a mental game of ‘sexy chess’. Each new move from her bought a new risk I was leaving my bishop horribly exposed.

I can’t stress enough how well thought-out Maison mk is. There are tiny limes ready-cut in your fridge. Every light switch is exactly where you’d expect it to be, at a perfect arm’s length. There are sun hats on all the loungers. The room has speakers built in so that you can attach your iPod too. The glasses in the room have little colours on them so you don’t get them mixed up. Moorish materials and motifs abound, but are put together in such a way as to seem anything but traditional, making the hotel feel like a thoroughly modern house indeed. As you check in you’re even offered a bottle of spirits of your choice that goes in your room. They operate an honour system where you tell them at the end how much you drank. We went for gin and Mrs Smith added two drinks onto our tally that we didn’t even have. Her reasoning? ‘Well, we don’t want them to think we’re lying do we?’ That’s Catholic guilt for you.

If you’re going to Morocco, and you want to stay within the medina walls, then I urge you to stay at Maison mk. The whole hotel feels like it’s your bedroom. This is lucky because the heat was giving Mrs Smith a bit of trouble and she was snoring very badly. Well, I call it snoring, it sounded exactly like the Arabic call to prayer that echoes round the ancient city. I kept expecting to wake up to find people praying in our room. It was no problem for me as I just took my quilt off to one of the many alcoves inside the riad and drifted off there with the night sky open above me. Don’t be deterred by my grumbles about the heat, the ‘sexy chess’, Scarface or the snoring though – we had the best holiday – and it was all because of Maison mk.


*Since this review, the hotel has done away with its cinema room, but still has a DVD library and free popcorn for guests in need of a film night. 

The Guestbook

Whenever you book a stay at a Smith Hotel with us, we’ll invite you to review it when you get back. Read what other Smith members had to say in Maison mk’s Guestbook below.

We loved

The location of this riad is key to get in, out, and around in Marrakech. Front desk staff know everything about Marrakech and can help with any/all reservations.

Don’t expect

The dinner service can sometimes go late, which means the music and volume might keep you up for a little bit. However, it's nothing that couldn't have been fixed if needed.


Stayed on 15 Oct 2016

We loved

The amazing service, the food, the spa and overall stylish comfort and tranquility of the Riad, whilst being in the heart of the Medina. 

Don’t expect

TV in your room (far better things to do)


Stayed on 26 May 2016

We loved

The managers and the staff - everyone was so helpful and accommodating!

Don’t expect

No televisions in the room, which was a tough adjustment for a news junkie like me!


Stayed on 26 Dec 2015

We loved

The friendly and attentive staff - nothing was too much for them. Our fabulous room and the wonderful gourmet dinners served by the pool. Don't look any further than Maison MK's own restaurant for dinner - it's one of (if not the) best in Marrakech. Also the best gin fizz my partner had ever had. 

Don’t expect

To do anything at speed - just take your time and enjoy.


Stayed on 7 Jul 2015