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When you’re a member, we’ll deposit a percent of your total room cost into your loyalty account on booking dependant on your loyalty membership. The amount is available to use as soon as your stay is complete. You can use your loyalty money towards bookings made on our site or when you book over the phone with our in-house travel team. Your loyalty money will be available for two years after it’s first credited to your account. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time (though if it’s a big change, we’ll let you know). 


How much do I get?
GoldSmiths get three per cent, SilverSmiths two per cent and BlackSmiths one per cent of every booking deposited into their loyalty account. The amount becomes available to spend on future bookings at the end of your stay. Members who historically have earned a different rate will retain their level of earnings.

What do I get rewarded for?
Any hotel bookings. Rewards are not given for flights or car hire, but only on the value of hotel stays. Loyalty money is not given on any bookings made directly with hotels. When a hotel stay has been part-paid using loyalty money, further rewards will only be accrued on the portion that has been paid for in cash or by debit/credit card. Hotel stays paid for using a combination of loyalty money and real money must be pre-paid in their entirety at the point of booking. Though we understand that this can sometimes be a slight inconvenience, this is the best way of ensuring there is no confusion over payment when you check out at the end of your stay. Any refunds for cancelled bookings paid or part-paid with loyalty money will be issued in vouchers. For more information about our cancellation policy please see our booking terms and conditions.

Do I earn loyalty money when I book using a Mr & Mrs Smith voucher?
You can use a Mr & Mrs Smith Get a Room! gift card in combination with loyalty money to pay for a hotel stay. If you buy a Mr & Mrs Smith gift card for someone else, the person redeeming the voucher will be rewarded with loyalty money. Please note that you cannot use loyalty money in conjunction with promotional vouchers to book hotel stays.

When will I be rewarded?
Your hotel stay rewards will show in your account but you will not be able to redeem the credit until you have completed your stay at the hotel – this is in case of cancellations.

When does my loyalty money expire?
Your loyalty money will remain in your account for two years from the date it was first deposited. It can be used towards bookings made within the two-year period, even if the stay date falls outside of the period.

What currency can I view my loyalty account in?
You can choose to view your loyalty account in one of eight currencies: GBP, USD, EUR, AUD, SGD, HKD, CAD, SEK. Your account may have already been pre-allocated a currency, but we can change this at your request – just give our member relations team a call.
When calculating reward amounts, we use GBP as the base currency. When you make a booking, we calculate the reward amount in GBP and then convert this into your chosen currency at that day’s exchange rate, calculated by Loyalty money is paid in whole numbers only. We round up to the nearest pound or dollar in the traditional manner.

What if my partner makes a booking but I am the one collecting loyalty money?
You must ensure that the booking is made under the registered email address of the loyalty account holder, as that’s what we use as your unique membership identifier.

My partner and I have loyalty money in two separate accounts – can I spend all our money in one go?
If we get permission from both account holders, we will happily merge the two accounts. In order to do this, please call our member relations team.

What happens during a promotion?
From time to time we may run promotions whereby if you book within a promotional period, you will earn loyalty money at a temporarily higher rate.
If you subsequently modify a booking which was made within one of these promotional periods, any extra spend incurred will also earn loyalty money at the temporarily higher rate. This will be the case even if the modification is made after the promotional period has ended.
If you modify a booking during a promotional period, but the original booking was made before the promotional period, the normal earning rate will apply to both the original booking and any extra spend incurred. Higher loyalty rates offered within a promotion will only apply to bona fide new bookings made within the promotional period.

I’ve just made a booking – why doesn’t it appear in my account?
Your hotel-stay rewards will show in your account as soon as you have confirmed the booking. There may occasionally be a half-hour delay between confirming the booking and it showing in your account.
In order for our system to recognise you, you need to make the booking under the same email address as your membership is registered with. If after half an hour, your booking still isn’t showing in your account, please call Smith Travel experts so that we can investigate. Don’t forget that you will not be able to redeem the credit until you have completed your stay at the hotel – this is in case of cancellations.

I’ve just upgraded to GoldSmith but booked my hotel stay first. Will I earn at the GoldSmith rate?
Yes, you will earn the higher GoldSmith rate as we work out the loyalty money you earn based on your membership at the time of your stay.