Luxury holidays in Montalcino

Charming comune Montalcino’s reach is far wider than its hilltop settlement thanks to its excellent red wine Brunello, the lush green vines of which coat its slopes. Beyond visitors’ grape expectations, map out a route around its historic treasures, tuck into Tuscan feasts and pause to admire those views.

When to go

Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to October) are Tuscany’s sweet spots, when there are fewer crowds and clement weather. Gourmands should aim for the latter to try and catch truffle-snuffling season.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Florence is the nearest international airport, around a 90-minute drive away; Pisa is the next nearest, around a two-hour journey from Montalcino. Both are well-served from the UK and other European cities by a wide range of airlines.
  • Trains

    Rail links are excellent and inexpensive in Italy. Trenitalia will take you from Rome to Florence to Siena (a journey of around three hours), from where you can catch a bus to Montalcino (be sure to purchase a ticket from one of Siena’s tabaccaio).
  • Automobiles

    Embrace cliché and hire a classic set of top-down wheels for panning-shot scenes with dramatic backdrops. It’s possible to travel around Tuscany by bus and train, but driving is the key to reaching those hidden corners and tucked-away trattorias.