Luxury holidays in St Moritz

When to go

St Moritz is a year-round destination; cross-ski at Sali Maria during winter or swim through its bath-warm waters during summer. If you’re hoping to catch the ski season be sure to visit between December and April, and don’t miss out on the Nomad St Moritz art and design fair if you’re there during March.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Part of St Moritz’s elusive charm is its hard-to-reach location; but don’t be deterred, the trip will be worth it. Fly directly to Zurich Airport, where you’ll need to hop in a taxi for 10 minutes to Zurich train station; from there, take the Rhaetian railway for a scenic three-hour journey down the Albula Valley to reach St Moritz.
  • Trains

    Explore the Swiss Alps with a pictorial train journey on the Bernina Express from Thusis, through the Landwasser Viaduct to Tirano. St Moritz’s railway routes are a destination in themselves; be sure to explore the options.
  • Automobiles

    During the winter, a lot of the surrounding roads are closed and dangerous for cars; during the summer, feel free to drive through St Moritz’s winding valleys for a quick and easy way to get around.