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Sugar was the main industry at one point in the island's history, but that has given way to sustainable agriculture and tourism today. Ripe for adventure, the islands are dotted with lush rain forests and leafy landscapes, as well as several dormant volcanoes for hiking. The coral and marine-life rich waters lap up against ink-black beaches in the north and white sandy stretches in the south, making this catnip for aquatic adventuring and sun-worshipers. Not just for outdoor enthusiasts though, history-buffs can happily fill their days exploring former sugar plantations and pristinely preserved military forts. Home to the first English and French colonies in the Caribbean, the influence is still reflected in architecture and cultural accents.

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The tropical, warm climate means you can expect the mercury to hover around 26°C most days. December to June is the dry season, as the hurricane season spans August to October.

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    Robert L Bradshaw International Airport (SKB) on St Kitts services direct flights from major cities on several major airlines including British Airways, American Airlines and Delta.