Luxury holidays in Jodhpur

Beneath this imposing presence wind the narrow, crooked streets of Jodhpur's charming old town, which weave past crumbling havelis (Maharaja's mansions), lively markets, elaborate temples and modernist Brahmin-blue houses that shimmer in the sunshine. Today the city spreads far beyond the reach of the Clock Tower and the ancient town's thick stone walls, but it's within this crowded space that Jodhpur's magic lies.

Areas in Jodhpur

When to go

Jodhpur is best enjoyed during the cooler months, from mid-October to March, when the days are sunny and temperatures reach a maximum of 27°C. From April onwards, temperatures soar to a mind-boggling 45°C and beyond. July and August bring the welcome monsoon rains.

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Getting there

  • Planes

    Jodhpur Airport ("> is five kilometres south of the city centre. Both Jet Airways and Air India fly in daily from capital Delhi and Mumbai, taking around 90 minutes.
  • Trains

    The Jodhpur Railway Station is centrally located and has good rail links with the rest of the country. Visit for timetables and fares. It'll take six hours from Jaipur or 11 hours from Delhi.
  • Automobiles

    Jodhpur's black and yellow tuk tuks (auto-rickshaws) zip along the old and new city streets. If you're heading further afield, then hire a car with driver to navigate Rajasthan's unruly traffic.
  • Taxis

    Tuk tuks are inexpensive and plentiful, but if you’d rather air-conditioned comfort, ask your hotel to organise a car for you.