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This ancient civilisation was conquered by the Spanish in 1542, when the conquistadors founded Mérida, now the state capital. They discovered beaches and azure waters first, but what the awe-struck adventurers hadn’t expected was the architectural achievement they witnessed across the Maya’s territory – comprising neighbouring Chiapas, Guatemala, and some of Belize and Honduras. The evocative ruins of their temples remain, as do many elements of Mayan culture. See its influence in everything from the fiery food to the vibrant fiestas that give the region its extra-exotic sense. There’s an aura of primeval mystery in its limestone landscape of underground rivers and sacred pools. The state’s tourist favourite, Chichén Itzá, is an extensive ceremonial centre, with its own temples, steam bath and great ball court. Post-Maya, fine colonial cities await in Mérida, Izamal and Valladolid. This vast, arid land of porous limestone sits just 12m above sea level. It’s home to more flamingos than anywhere else in North America. You’ll need plenty of time; there’s a lot to conquer.

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