Luxury holidays in Raja Ampat

An archipelago of more than 1,500 thickly-forested islands separated by turquoise waters, Raja Ampat is paradise for divers, naturalists and beachlovers. Scattered across Indonesia's eastern province of Papua, the region is one of the least developed areas of the entire country – and it shows. Full of vibrant reefs home to untold numbers of exotic creatures, Raja Ampat has one of the most biodiverse marine habitats in the world. We weren't joking about it being a diver’s paradise – three-quarters of all the planet’s coral species can be found here. Above sea level, many of the islands mushroom up from the surface in dramatic shapes, some far too steep to set foot on, others hiding placid lagoons and untouched white beaches crying out for a sunset barbecue.

When to go

The most reliable time to visit is between May and September, when the skies are sunny and, for the most part, cloud free. November to April marks the wet season, when it’s usually just as warm, but you can expect at least an hour or two of rain each day.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Most visitors fly into Sorong, which can be reached direct from Jakarta, Makassar and other Indonesian airports. From there, it takes around 15 minutes to drive to the port.
  • Automobiles

    This is an island region, so you won’t get very far on four wheels.