Luxury holidays in Moyo Island

Framed by the beyond-blue waters and iridescent coral reefs of the Flores Sea, Moyo is ravishingly remote, lying east of Bali and Lombok and just north of larger neighbour Sumbawa Island. Once there (arrive by 65-minute seaplane swoop for maximum thrills), you'll encounter 350 square kilometres of lush forest, sultry savannah and pristine beaches. On land, spend days trekking to pretty waterfalls, soaking up spa treatments or wildlife spotting (fellow residents include Rusa deer, wild ox, boar and macaque monkeys, with brilliant birdlife up above). Offshore, get active with world-class snorkelling, diving, sailing, fishing and island-hopping, or just relax on empty beaches, swim with turtles and stargaze on the sand. There's just a few villages and one luxury camp on the island, so you've got the place to yourself.

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When to go

Expect sun-kissed, hot, tropical weather year-round. April to November is the dry season, when nights can be cool; December to March is the more humid rainy season, with the monsoon months of February and March particularly wet and green. Monsoon, though, is also prime time for spotting whale sharks, giant manta rays, the odd pilot whale and other migrating sea life.

Getting there

  • Planes

    International guests to Amanwana usually route through Bali's Ngurah Rai airport near capital Denpasar. Once there, you can pick up a scheduled Trans Nusa hopper flight via Lombok to Moyo's nearest airport on neighbouring Sumbawa Island, then take a 45-minute boat tip and 10-minute car transfer to the hotel (three hours in total; US$150 a person each way, excluding tax). Or, for a more direct and dramatic entrance, the resort recommends rocking up by Travira Air's amphibious floatplane, which lands right on the bay in front of the camp (65 minutes; US$400 a person each way). Chartering either flight will set you back around US$5,500 or US$3,500 respectively. The hotel can arrange transfers from Bali to Moyo Island for you at your expense.
  • Trains

    No way, Jose. Trains aren't an option in this part of the Indonesian archipelago.
  • Automobiles

    There are no cars on this eco-retreat of an island, something you'll no doubt come to savour. Leave the hired wheels for that New Zealand road trip you've been planning...
  • Taxis

    There are no taxis on the island, but you'll find you can walk to key spots with ease.