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A sun-drenched calm prevails on picturesque Paros, which might be larger than its Cycladic cousin Mykonos but gets less than half the holidaying hordes. Spend hazy days wandering the labyrinthine lanes of jewel town Naoussa and you’ll be rewarded with fashionable boutiques, artisanal shops and trad tavernas on the waterfront. Clamber the rocks at Kolymbithres beach where the wind has whipped the sandstone into Dali-esque shapes perfect for sunbathing. Or, take the water ferry to Antiparos (they run regularly from Parikia) to visit the famous cave and its awe-inspiring stalactites. This is Greek island relaxation par excellence, plus the island has impressive eco-credentials – it’s aiming to be the first in the Mediterranean to completely banish single-use plastics.

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When to go

We suggest visiting the Cyclades in late spring or early autumn, when the sea is swimmable but many of the holidaying hordes have gone. Beware of visiting too late in autumn though – storms can scupper travel plans and transport links are fewer.

Getting there

  • Planes

    You’ll need to connect in Athens before taking the puddle jumper to Paros’ Lilliputian airport.
  • Boats

    If you’re island hopping, you can reach Paros by ferry, too – it takes about an hour from Mykonos and just under four from Athens.
  • Automobiles

    Don’t expect myriad car hire options at Paros airport. You’re probably better off without wheels, anyway – parking is scant in mid-summer and the fines are steep if you’re not where you meant to be. If you’re intent on revving an engine, rent a moped instead – you can find reputable outfits on the waterfront in Parikia.