Luxury holidays in Metsovo

For many of us, Greece comes with connotations of strong tan lines from the beaming Mediterranean sun of July and August; but the charming village of Metsovo is far from that. Hitting peak tourism during the winter months – December to March – the small skiing village of Metsovo sits alongside the Pindus Mountains and is well-sheltered from the annual waves of tourists hitting Greece. Metsovo is not just for ski fanatics, it’s also a quieter option for culture and art lovers thanks to the region's distinctive red roofs, 15th-century wood-carved church and art-fuelled Tosita Mansion

When to go

You can visit year-round; skiing season runs from mid-December to late-March and is typically when the village is its busiest. Metsovo’s location along the Ionian shore makes it a heavenly destination during the summer season for those who want to hike the surrounding mountains, visit museums, or just wander around the central square.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The nearest airport to Metsovo is Ioannina, just under an hour's drive from the village. For those who might want a more scenic, albeit slower, route you can fly to Thessaloniki and catch a five-hour train through the diverse topography of mainland Greece before reaching the village.
  • Automobiles

    There are benefits to driving in Metsovo and during the summer months it’s a great way to reach some of the more remote destinations; however, be cautious when driving during the winter as the Katara Pass (around five kilometres northeast of Metsovo) is notably dangerous.