Luxury holidays in Astypalaia

Known as the butterfly of the Aegean due to its curious winged shape, Astypalaia flutters between the Dodecanese and Cyclades archipelagos, inheriting a unique cultural blend of both. Find endless sweeps of whitewashed Cycladic houses, punctuated by flushes of flowering bougainvillaea and velvety hibiscus. In the tranquil hilltop town of Chlora, the ruins of an imposing 15th-century Venetian castle gaze over a boundless spread of Aegean islets and the pebble-strewn beaches of Livaldi. Spend your days winding through a maze of narrow cobbled alleys, sampling the locally produced cheeses and saffron-infused cuisine, or exploring Astypalaia’s wild side, where delightful fishing villages lost in time wait to be re-discovered.

When to go

Unlike other Greek islands, you’ll have large swathes of Astypalaia to yourself, even in peak season. Visit during the Festival of Panagia Portaitissa (14-16 August) to experience Astypalaean culture at its best.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Most international flights will arrive in Athens. From there, you can take a short, thrice-weekly flight directly to Astypalaia’s small airport, or travel by ferry to the island’s Agios Andreas port – though, given its nine-hour passage, be sure to pack a novel or two.
  • Automobiles

    Astypalaia is compact and easily drivable but, with just one paved road on the whole island, we’d opt for a 4x4. If you can handle a bump or two, you’ll be rewarded with secluded beaches and wild beauty.