Luxury holidays in Kazbegi

A region in Georgia’s soaring Caucasus mountains, Kazbegi is best known for its rugged terrain, high lying pastures and rustic valley town. Most come for the space, silence and stark beauty, exploring the terrain on hikes or mountain bikes. Others come for the 14th-century Gergeti Trinity Church, which has become something of a national symbol. Perched on the crown of a grassy hill 2170 metres above sea level, this Georgian Orthodox church is silhouetted against rugged Mount Kazbek, whose steep flanks are covered with snow and ice for much of the year. If you want to do things the traditional way, it’ll take about three hours to walk there from the village; if you’d rather save your breath (and shave two-and-a-half hours off your journey time), hop in a four-by-four instead.

When to go

Like its neighbours to the west, Georgia tends to be warmest from June to August, which is the peak season. Unlike the lowland towns, Kazbegi is sufficiently high up to keep things cool even in the peak of summer.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The most convenient airport to fly into is Tbilisi, which can be reached direct from London Heathrow. From there, it’s a three-hour drive along a scenic stretch of the Georgian Military Road.
  • Automobiles

    You could certainly hire a car in Tbilisi, but it’s not a necessity: taking a taxi along the Military Road is cheap and easy. If you do want your own set of wheels, the Smith24 team can arrange it.