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We've hand-picked the very best boutique and luxury hotels in Europe to bring you our collection of stylish romantic retreats. Find your perfect hotel and get the low-down on holidays in Europe – just choose your destination from the list below…

Destinations in Europe

  • With its terracotta-roofed fishing villages, ancient fortress cities, crystal clear water and locals who will treat you like an old friend, Croatia makes it impossible to pick just one favourite thing from its most charming features.
  • When you learn Cyprus is regarded as the birthplace of Aphrodite, the crumbling archaeological sites and silvery olive tree groves that dot this Mediterranean island seem all the more alluring.
  • A trip to Czech Republic will immerse you in a world where the architecture will stop you in your tracks, the locals are friendly and beer is a cheaper than water.
  • France is a destination that lets you choose your own adventure, whether you picture yourself lounging wine-in-hand in Bordeaux, drinking in the views from your boutique hotel in Paris or taking a dip in the shimmering French Riviera.
  • A land of fairytale-inspiring forests, turreted castles and liberal-leaning cities, Germany is so much more than beer and sausages – not that they're in short supply, mind.
  • A holiday in Greece means you can step the ring where Olympians first competed, trek up volcanoes and sail around strings of dramatic islands floating in piercing blue waters.
  • With over 300 thermal springs, architecture ranging from Roman ruins to medieval townhouses and art nouveau boathouses, and an exciting capitol city Budapest, Hungary has a lot to offer.
  • There's no shortage of dramatic scenery in Iceland, where, if you're lucky, you may be treated to a dazzling night under the awe-inspiring Northern Lights. Visitors can also soak in a geothermal lagoon or hike up a volcano under the midnight sun.
  • Say ‘Sláinte!’ to Emerald Isle Ireland, from rolicking riverside Dublin to the rolling hills of County Meath, from the Wicklow mountains to the dramatic western coastline.
  • Mr & Mrs Smith’s Italian collection of luxury villas, boutique hotels and relaxing breaks will delight beach fans, culture lovers and country enthusiasts alike.
  • Don't let size fool you. Though it's a tiny archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean, Malta is brimming with rich culture.
  • The fjord-like bays of Montenegro slice into its rugged cliffs like shards of stained glass, so blue and clear is the water in this relatively untapped corner of Europe.
  • From Amsterdam's enchanting canals to the mediaeval towns that dot its countryside, the Netherlands is as architecturally beautiful as it is steeped in history.
  • From its snow-capped peaks and frozen fjords to its cosily cosmopolitan capital, Norway's boutique hotels and first-class Scandi style await chic cool hunters and snow bunnies alike.
  • Explore Smith’s collection of boutique design hotels, luxurious villas and resorts in Portugal that’ll have you on cobbled streets in Lisbon’s old town, beachside in Algarve or perched beside a vineyard in the Douro Valley.
  • Sift through Smith’s ever-growing collection of luxury villas, boutique hotels and beachside resorts in Spain.
  • For a city break or country weekend away in the United Kingdom, Mr & Mrs Smith’s selection of luxury villas and boutique hotels is an insider guide to the best Blighty breaks.

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Become a master pizzaiolo in Tuscany

Become a master pizzaiolo in Tuscany

Stay at Castello di Casole – a hill-view haven in the heart of Tuscany set in a culinary utopia, with grapes, olives, lemons and saffron a few of the ingredients in plucking distance – just the place to get inventive with your pizza making. 

Take a bite of a fresh-out-a-Tuscan-oven slice and all limp, regrettable crime-against-pizza take-aways are forgotten; this is the real deal. Replicating it at home is the hard bit. Which is why being schooled in the perfect pizza is a lesson worth learning. All the crucial crust-based challenges are tackled, from the dough to the toppings via the all important tomato and cheese foundation, with the added satisfaction that almost everything you use has been grown, pressed or reared somewhere on Castello di Casole's endless estate. Daring dough-flingers may find some inspiration in the pizzeria menu where combos like prawns and swiss chard and red potatoes and rosemary go up against the ever-presents. However yours turns out, though, few foodie endeavours are as fun as muddling your way through your first Margherita, so flour-faced five-year-olds will get as much enjoyment as desperate dinner party show-offs.