Luxury holidays in Hvar

Sitting along the lulling shores of the Adriatic Sea and coated in fields of lavender, Hvar’s relative inaccessibility and unique beauty has made it an exclusive destination for Europe’s elite. Home to hidden lagoons, glistening coves, and ancient buildings, this island encompasses the sought-after slow-paced Mediterranean lifestyle. Venture beyond Hvar’s Old Town and harbour to visit the more subdued town of Stari Grad and the gentle Gdinj bays of Julsa. For wine lovers, visit the Adriatic’s largest vineyard that sits at the easternmost point of Hvar in Sucuraj.

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Areas in Hvar

When to go

Visit Hvar during the summer to experience the region’s crystal-clear waters and Mediterranean climate. Coming here out of season – say, October and November – will mean fewer crowds and will give you the opportunity to attend the local Big Game Fishing event and the squid fishing championship of Peskafondo.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Hvar’s closest international airports are found in Split and Dubrovnik with ferries leaving from both harbours several times a day and arriving directly into the Old Town. Travelling from Split to Hvar is typically the preferred route due to shorter travel times of around two hours.
  • Automobiles

    For those looking to explore beyond the tourist-centric Old Town, driving around this 76-square-mile island is a great way to reach the quieter regions of Stari Grad, Jelsa, and Vrboska. Given the simple roads, driving around Hvar is a stress-free way to discover the hidden beauty that sits along the coastlines of Croatia’s answer to St. Tropez.