Luxury holidays in Bhutan

Cradled by the snow-hatted Himalayas between India and Tibet, the remote and, until recently, almost inaccessible Kingdom of Bhutan has fiercely guarded its secrets from the rest of the world, maintaining limited flights and hefty tourist fees in order to preserve its ancient Buddhist cultural traditions. The advantage to those lucky enough to set foot on its mountain soil is the lack of queues, crowds, or any of the other tourist trappings that have tainted its neighbours – when it comes to getting away from the tribulations of the modern world, there's really no better destination. Unspoilt forests clamber up the plunging valleys; monasteries, temples and fortresses perch precariously over mountain passes; and, throughout the year, colourful masked dance festivals fill the streets of the capital, Thimphu.

Destinations in Bhutan

  • It may sound funny, but Bumthang’s no joke. Known as ‘little Switzerland’ among locals, this ancient district is the most historic and holy in Bhutan, full of ancient temples and fortress-like dzongs.
  • A long, lush valley bounded by the Black Mountains, Gangtey is often said to be one of Bhutan’s most beautiful areas – no small feat in the Himalayas.
  • With its clifftop monastery, fort-like dzong and misty forests, the valley of Paro makes a mystical introduction to the kingdom of Bhutan.
  • Having served as Bhutan’s capital for centuries, the temperate valley town of Punakha is steeped in national history, much of it centred around its vast riverside monastery.
  • Tradition and modernity collide in Thimphu, where monarchy and monasticism come up against a new wave of bars, nightclubs and internet cafés.

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