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  • Marooned in the Atlantic Ocean, several hundred miles off the coast of South Carolina, Bermuda blends British colonial roots with island time for its own signature style, characterised by plenty of sun and the occasional afternoon gin and tonic.

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The bold and the beautiful

The bold and the beautiful

Having a bold streak has always come in handy when visiting Bermuda. Its first settlers were shipwrecked explorers, after all, and we all know about its famous Triangle. These days, you don’t need to tangle with a coral reef or vanish entirely in order to enjoy the island’s wild side, though a healthy appreciation for being on, and under, water helps.

Wannabe mermaids and mermen are spoiled for choice: go scuba or helmet diving, snorkelling and deep-sea fishing; try stand-up paddle boarding and kayaking; set off on a sunset sailing trip. Jet ski past shipwrecks, coral coves and tiny inlets (keeping your eyes peeled for sea turtles, rays and floundering vessels), swim with dolphins at Dolphin Quest and step into a shark cave at Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. In 2017, Bermuda’s turquoise waters will provide a natural amphitheatre for the nautical hijinks of the 35th America Cup.