Luxury holidays in Lech

Amid the mighty Vorarlberg range, Lech is as famous for its reliable skiing as for the glamour of its residents. Classically Alpine in looks, the village is made up of wooden chalets that begin to look like iced gingerbread houses once the snow arrives. Long a haunt of the fashionable and the famous, it has no shortage of refined hotels and gourmet restaurants – the latter usually boasting deep wine cellars. Before the great and the good began gracing the village, however, it was already becoming a legend of the skiing scene. Part of the Vorarleberg, Lech can claim to be in the cradle of Alpine skiing, just over the mountain from the birthplace of Hanness Schneider, the pioneer who shaped the future of the sport. Almost a century later, these mountains have been linked together to form one of the largest and most reliable ski resorts in the world – and Lech is the diamond in the tiara.

When to go

Most famous as a ski resort, Lech is bustling throughout the winter. Summer stays tend to be cheaper and quieter, but there’s still plenty to keep you occupied.

Getting there

  • Planes

    The closest international airport is Innsbruck, which can be reached directly from London Heathrow and Gatwick. It takes around 90 minutes to drive to the village.
  • Trains

    You can catch trains to St Anton am Arlberg from Zurich (a two-hour journey) and Innsbruck (just over an hour). Once there, you’ll need to hop in a taxi to Lech, which takes around 30 minutes. Langen am Arlberg station is four kilometers closer, but the journey from Zurich takes at least three-and-a-half hours and involves changing, sometimes twice.
  • Automobiles

    You’re unlikely to need a car once you’re in Lech. The center of the village is compact enough to navigate on foot, and buses and taxis have you covered for longer journeys. If you do want to hire, the Smith24 team can arrange it.