Catherine Jones

Journeying journalist

Catherine has spent most of her life being sent to places and has the immunisation record to prove it. In the past, home has been Indonesia, Singapore, China and the US (twice). These days it's Hackney, which in many ways is as exotic as anywhere – only with slightly more rain. It was during a brief stint as editor of a budget airline's in-flight magazine that she realised the true wonderfulness of what it’s like to call travelling and checking in to some of the world's dreamiest hotels ‘work’. She hopes that Psychologies, where she’s currently employed as Features Editor, will ask her to launch an edition in Brazil, India or Turkmenistan (unlikely). Meanwhile, she stares at world maps wistfully while planning her next trip. Vladivostok is supposed to be good this time of year…

Catherine Jones anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: