Luxury holidays in Westfjords

When to go

The weather, much like the land, can be wild here; visit between June and August for more settled climes, when the region experiences almost 24-hour daylight. In winter, there’s a fair-ish chance of glimpsing aurora borealis, though colder months are a touch gloomier.

Getting there

  • Planes

    Most international flights will arrive into Keflavik airport, just south of Reykjavik. From here, it’s a three-hour car ride away from Westfjords. Icelandair also runs a domestic service from Keflavik to Westfjords’ Ísafjörður Airport, taking just under 40 minutes.
  • Automobiles

    Like everything else in the land of fire of ice, driving is a terrain of extremes and Westfjords is no exception. For every perfectly smooth and newly tarmacked road (of which there are many, especially if you’re travelling north of the region) you’ll find a dirt road riddled with potholes – so make sure to rent something on the sturdier side. Come winter, forget driving all together as roads can be treacherous.