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What's in a name?

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re a hotel lover. Or hotel curious at least. But before we get to the objects of our affection, allow us to introduce ourselves…

Mr & Mrs Smith (a nod to the classic check-in nom de plume for illicit stays of old) began life in 2003 with two adventurous hotel lovers (our real-life Mr and Mrs: James and Tamara Lohan) and has evolved into a global travel club with more than a million like-minded members.

Our carefully curated (and responsibly sourced) collection now includes hotels in the sky (if you’ve never woken up in a treehouse, we can change that), hotels in caves, hotels above water, hotels underwater (well, partially), hotels a million miles away, hotels on your doorstep…


It’s no accident that the collection is so special. Entry is by invitation only and every hotel is visited by our team and anonymously reviewed by a diverse bunch of trusted tastemakers, including Stella McCartney, Philip Treacy and Dita Von Teese, to name a few. 


Our work doesn’t stop with considered curation, mind. We ensure that our members receive the very best service, support and inspiration. It’s what makes us the travel club for hotel lovers. And if every club has a purpose, ours is to knock your socks off – with help from the world’s very best bedrooms…

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Our sustainability efforts

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