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How it works
Only listen if you want it to work – Tim assures us that it will, but you have to be prepared to let it.

As the minutes pass, you may find yourself feeling progressively more relaxed. If you enter a deep state of relaxation, you may not even remember any of what follows, but that’s OK: it’s not your conscious mind that’s important here. You don’t need to be asleep, but at the same time, it’s not a problem if you are.

Once you’re ‘under’ (and you won't really know when that happens), you should feel like you’re in a gentle daydreamy state, receptive to positive suggestion but still able to block out anything unwanted. In other words, it’s perfectly safe, and won’t turn you into a zombie.

Allow your mind to drift – there is no right or wrong way to listen – just let the words become background sound as you relax.

After around 30 minutes, you’ll be gently brought out of hypnosis, and should find yourself feeling relaxed, refreshed, and perhaps a little more attentive in the boudoir…