Sue Gough Henly

Pleasure-seeking scribe

Susan Gough Henly is an award-winning travel writer and photographer whose bi-line has appeared in The New York Times, Travel & Leisure and The Guardian. An Aussie who lived in the States for many years, she worked as an editor at Workman Publishing in New York and for the Best Places guidebooks in Seattle. She also did a stint with the Bordeaux Wine Trade Council where she acquired a taste for wines she could never afford. Now based in Melbourne, she has scoured the best places in Australia for her travel app of the same name, lived the high life in some of the world’s fanciest resorts, hiked in Bhutan, kayaked off coast of Papua New Guinea, rafted in Costa Rica and generally fossicked far and wide researching adventure and luxury travel pieces for publications all over the world. When she doesn’t have sand between her toes, she writes about food, wine and culture. 

Sue Gough Henly anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: