Rory Bremner

Stand-up chameleon

Edinburgh-born satirical comedian Rory Bremner has been lifting our spirits while making us think for over a quarter of a century. As well as being the sharpest of impersonators (his takes on Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Michael Howard are as close to the real thing as is possible), Bremner has in his artillery the ability to speak French, German and Spanish fluently. An intrepid and articulate traveller, lucky for us he occasionally shares tales of his adventures in the press, entertaining readers with tales of a spell in a Fawlty Towers-like French guesthouse to a wanderlust-inducing account of a visit to a luxurious spa in Zanzibar. Usually pretty restless, he's equally happy ski-ing in Val d'Isère or Vilars, on safari in Africa (he's a patron of wildlife charity Tusk), watching cricket in Cape Town or the Caribbean, or driving a classic Alfa Romeo Spider through France, Spain, Portugal or Italy (he has a terrible sense of direction). He usually travels under his own name, but occasionally wears glasses. Or a hat.

Rory Bremner anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: