Mourad Mazouz

Restless restaurateur

Mourad caught the travel bug early on, leaving his native Algeria at 16 and heading for Paris. After a stint in music PR, he spent the next six years on the move, between south-east Asia, the Caribbean and Los Angeles. Back in Paris, in 1998, he launched his first restaurant, Au Bascou, followed by 404, his first authentic North African restaurant, today part of a hip enclave that includes pop-art bar Andy Wahloo and eatery Derrie're. Mourad’s London restaurants are the celebrated Momo, and ground-breaking Sketch. He also created Almaz by Momo in Dubai and Momo at the Souk in Beirut, opening September 2010. He still has the travel bug!

Mourad Mazouz anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: