Mary Garvin

Hotel hound

The earliest travel memory for our Head of Hotel Partnerships for the Americas, is driving from her native Brooklyn, NY to Florida packed in sardine-tight for 22 hours in a navy-blue Oldsmobile Classic Cruiser among a month’s worth of luggage, her parents and five siblings – imagine the delight at her first airline upgrade. One day she hopes to sing Johnny Cash’s ‘I’ve been everywhere, man’ and mean every word. Oh... Amarillo, Tocopilla, Barranquilla, and Padilla! After graduating from McGill University in Montreal, Mary moved to London where she lived for a decade, before being coaxed back to the States to work in our office on Broadway. For a dainty person, she can eat like a trucker; lucky for food lovers she blogs about her greediness as la Cochonette

Mary Garvin anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: