Lucy Fennings

Wordsmith wonderwoman

Group editor Lucy Fennings cut her travel teeth early; as daughter of a hotel PR, she visited far-flung flophouses from French châteaux to Ethiopian tukuls. After a year in Dubai (working on Emirates Woman magazine and enjoying the kind of dives that require a wetsuit), Lucy went to Glasgow University to study art, literature and whisky. A stint as production editor at Legalease publishing was spent discovering how to be creative with copy about tax, followed quickly by a stint touring Asia, discovering more interesting things. When Mr & Mrs Smith found her, Lucy was deputy chief sub-editor at Harper’s Bazaar, keeping her finger on fashion’s pulse and sharpening her editorial knife on hapless hotel PR copy. As well as wordsmithing online, in print and for press, she has been a driving force in making the Smith Travel Blog an award-winner, and instrumental in the creation of Smith & Family.

Lucy Fennings anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: