Juliet Kinsman

On-the-go editor

Juliet helped develop Smith from a twinkle in James' and Tamara's eyes in 2002, and defected from dancefloors to do-not-disturb signs. Having edited music mags in the Nineties, she contributed to the likes of The Face and Time Out. Running a website during the pre-millenium dot.com frenzy and shifts on the BBC's homepage nurtured a passion for online publishing, but it is now stylish hotels that her editorial heart truly belongs to. She shares her travel and interior-design thoughts in The Observer through to The Sunday Times magazine, Style, and TV stints have included presenting The Smiths' Hotels for 2 on Discovery. While her Canadian passport has taken her for long spells in Africa, America, Greece and India, she loves her home turf, Kensal Green, as seen on Park-Life.org; follow her on Twitter.

Juliet Kinsman anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: