Jonathan Melmoth

Big kid in the Big Apple

Jonathan's passion for travel started early – probably around the same time he realised that the Manchester suburb he lived in wasn’t terribly exotic. On his very first primary-school report, his teacher Mrs Benyon noted his fascination with maps (ed. – Jonathan assures us she wasn’t insinuating that the other kids didn't play with him). He soon set about exploring the world, first with his intrepid/grossly irresponsible parents, then embarking on two gap years, where he hitch-hiked in Tahiti and hiked without a hitch in Peru. Nowadays, he has the job of his slightly geeky dreams, writing children's books about science, history, and much else besides at Usborne Publishing. They've even let him make an atlas, so while he still hasn’t mastered a climbing-frame, he's better than ever at naming capital cities (a skill he hopes will one day be considered cool). He lives in New York with his wife (a professional Mrs Smith) and writes about the wonderful places they travel to together.

Jonathan Melmoth anonymously reviewed the following hotels and travel destinations: