Because how else would we travel? Here be style guides for those on-the-go, holiday packing tips from the pros and fashion trends for breaks of all kinds.

From the suitcase of… Lana Elie

From the suitcase of Lana Elie

The founder of Floom – the London-based company that connects you with local florists (and therefore pretty stunning petals) – lets us take a peek inside her bag after a trip to Japan and answers our most pressing travel questions, including, how do you really feel about rose petals on hotel beds?

What it’s like to travel with Garance Doré

On the road with Garance Doré

The New York Times best-selling author and founder of lifestyle site Doré chats with us about souvenirs, airports with panache, and the celeb's luggage she'd most like to claim at baggage.