Because how else would we travel? Here be style guides for those on-the-go, holiday packing tips from the pros and fashion trends for breaks of all kinds.

Olivia von Halle in the spotlight

Olivia von Halle in the spotlight

Olivia von Halle is used to dressing fashion’s front-row favourites – Rihanna, Kate, Cara et al – and now she has bedecked our brand-new gift card in something suitably glamourous. We caught up with the posh-pyjama pioneer to talk travel…

Talking travel with designer Jenny Packham

Travel talk with designer Jenny Packham

She regularly dresses the Duchess of Cambridge, but the ready-to-wear and bridal designer still finds pleasure in travel's littlest luxuries, such as a bouncy hotel bed and room-service French fries.

From the suitcase of… Molly Guy

From the suitcase of Molly Guy

The founder of Stone Fox Bride gives us honeymoon tips, points out that more hotels should have screaming peacocks on their grounds, and lets us take a peek inside her carry-on

From the suitcase of… Michelle Kennedy

From the suitcase of Michelle Kennedy

The co-founder of the parent networking app Peanut (it's basically Tinder for moms) talks travelling with little ones and lets us peek inside her kid-friendly carry-on.