Luxury holidays in Azores

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When to go

Temperatures in the Azores are pleasant year-round, but the best time to visit is May–September, as rainfall is more common between October and April. That said, the weather on the islands can be unpredictable. You might experience four seasons in one day: heavy rain turning to clear skies, or strong winds giving way to fierce sunshine. Pack hiking boots and a rain jacket and be open to the fact that your sunbathing session might be rained off.

Getting there

  • Planes

    International flights arrive into Ponta Delgada airport, the capital of São Miguel. Because of the remote location, direct flights to the Azores from outside of Portugal are limited – although British Airways now fly straight from London Heathrow, and a handful of airlines operate flights between Boston or New York and the Azores. You’ll need an internal flight (or a ferry) to get from island to island.
  • Automobiles

    Cars come in very handy here, especially if you’re wanting to venture to volcanoes, lakes, beaches and forests at your will. Hire wheels at Ponta Delgada airport.